ModChipMan - Dual Modding Service Questions

I am interested in attending EVO2K this year, but it would be my first year doing so. I knew nothing about EVO when I first purchased SF4 and a SE FightStick- both of which are for the 360 console. However, I have learned that EVO uses PS3s only, so I need to get my stick dual modded. I do not have the expertise in electronics to do this myself (the most I’ve done to my fight stick is replace the buttons and stick with Sanwa parts). After a quick google search, I found a website called ModChipMan offering a Dual Modding service for 60 dollars (found here). Does anyone know about the quality of this service? I just want something that will be sufficient enough for me to be able to compete at EVO and have a good time. Also, does anyone know what the “Octagonal Res. Plate (GT-Y)” option is?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

You could get the ChImp from toodles or ask them yourself,they have a thread on these boards. Otherwise, if someone is nice enough to lend you their arcade stick during your match would be good. Fortunately, I had my cousins and it did mess up during the match.

Ugh, I’m just not confident enough to try to do a soldering job on my own at this point. Also, I’d feel uncomfortable having to ask to borrow other people’s arcade sticks, and having to rely on their generosity. However, I didn’t know that the website had a thread on here, so I’ll be sure to ask them questions I have regarding this service. Thanks for the reply.

Edit: Also, if anyone has any comments on the website or the dual-modding service they’d be appreciated. I don’t know how comfortable I feel shipping off my FightStick. :confused:

Where are you located? There might be a modder close to you that could do the job.

For 60$ you could just buy another SE that was for PS3 and put your sanwa parts in it. Or spend the extra 40$ and get a new TE. Hell, if you shop around you may find a TE for less than 100$. Thats what I would do:wink:

The GT-Y restrictor plate will convert your standard (square) gate into an octagon. Makes it easier to feel the cardinal directions, but means the activation zone for diagonals is smaller.

See for more.

There is always a converter hopefully.

I’m located in Central California.

It would cost more than $60 dollars to get a SE for PS3, adding the Sanwa parts too. I’d consider getting a completely new stick, but it just seems kind of… weird. Also, I’d have absolutely no use for a PS3 stick other than any local tournaments that might use them, and EVO.

And I think the EVO FAQ said that there were no 360 to PS3 converters worth mentioning, so I’m pretty much SOL there too.

Thanks again for the suggestions and help guys.

Where in CenCaL? Alot of players are from California that could possibly do the mod. If I had enough experience, I could do it for you but I don’t have that experience.( I need get some and mod my SE stick.) Try and checking craigslist. I believe I saw a TE stick going around 70 dollars thats in visalia.
There is always getting the PS2 sticks and converting them.
You still have months away from EVO and there is no difference in gameplay between consoles. Or get the MVC2 stick for like 40 dollars more for the price of sending it to chicago. I just found this while looking at the EVo FAQ
or this:

K, McM is local to me actually, and here’s the thing…also the reason why people in my area generally come to me or someone else who can do it locally.

  1. It’s not just 60, read carefully. It’s 60 + 55.00 for parts (read the drop down below the description).

  2. Find someone local who can do it for you, it’s usually less expensive. If your’re in Cali look up Psychedelicbeats (chubby). He has services in the trading outlet I believe…but if not just shoot him a message.

  3. Ship it to someone, look in the trading outlet for people that do dual mod services. Both EJM and Gummowned do good work at reasonable prices. You could probably ship it to me as well if you wanted, but I’ve never dealt with shipping services like they have…but if you want to come to me, we could work something out.

If you for some reason were going to ship it to McM, just ship it to me…It’s the identical distance, i’m not kidding his shop is like 20 minutes from my house. He does good work, but it’s rather expensive and outdated since the ChImp is the new hotness in dual modding.

You’ll get away with a dual mod for 70 to 80 + shipping if you do ship it out, whereas trying to track down a PS3 TE for that price at the moment may be difficult unless you jump on deals like the one that popped up earlier this week. EVO’s a long way off, and there may be plenty more of those deals, especially since the round 2’s are out and round 1’s will just continue to drop in price.

Try Gummowned, he has a thread in the trading outlet here. Or EJM here on SRK, he does awesome dual mod work. Both members have trading outlet threads.

Craigslist wasn’t something I thought of before, so I checked it, and someone’s selling a Hori Fightstick 3 for PS3 for 30 bucks. I’ll call and ask if it works and everything, but is this stick any good? Does it have any known longterm problems like the stock MadCatz SE sticks do?

If it’s not so good, I’ll probably look into one of the users mentioned for getting my SE dual modded.

Edit: Also, I live about an hour away from Visalia.