Modchipman's Bi-Weekly Brawl 9/12/09 RESULTS!


Here are the results for our first Bi-Weekly at Modchipman’s store. Everything ran fairly smooth and fast even after starting a bit late(we actually ended before scheduled). I think stuff like this is what will make my scene better, anyways thanks to all those who came out and made a great day/night! Get more hype for the next one!! Special congrats for Floe taking 1st in 2 games(everyones gunning for you now!hahaha,gotta love comp).

Street Fighter 4
64-man bracket
42 Participants

1 Floe
2 Cannon Spook
3 Tony “5 dolla” Dfly
5 Michael
5 Jerry nives
7 Danh Nguyen
7 Kelvin Hill
9 Rashad Miller (old)
9 Arthur Moy
9 Tactics
9 Marcus

Blaz Blue
32-man bracket
17 players

1 Floe
2 Cracka J
3 Ginger
4 J-M$$$
5 tactics1
5 Yosh
7 ilovehentai
7 Aric Au
9 frankie uppercut
9 Bob Washington
9 Marco Carating
9 Cannon Spook

Marvel vs Capcom 2
16-man bracket
9 Participants

2 dereklearn
3 Tony K
4 Ronaldo
5 old man
5 beats
7 Bob Washington
7 frankieupper
9 Esam y

Special Thanks to Modchipman, his employees, our sponsors, our streamers, tournament organizers and everyone who participated!


Man this tournament was awesome! ggs to everyone.


Lol ya Kelvin hill the most underated scrub of all time… you can actually beat people in BB wtf? lol

Shitty Melty Blood results

  1. Aric
  2. Kobayashi
  3. Annoying Robot

Nice seeing everyone again. It was awesome to see all the support for the event. Especially on the number of systems and tvs that were donated. Plus it was streamed. Amazing. Great job.

I hope more tournaments like this go down in the future… and soon. Oh and include tekken hahaha

ggs everyone I played. I really sucked it up in SF4 and it made me sad droppin combos and stuff. But it’s ok.

especially good games to everyone in melty blood. man that game is awesome. if anyone is on the fence about the game its really easy to get into plus it’s on ps2… (making it basically free lol) disco inferno, burn baby burn

oh ya tactics I brought that psp stuff but i forgot all about it so just lmk if u still want the batteries and charger


This was my first tournament and I had a blast. It was nice meeting people; everyone I talked to/played was really nice. I was the guy who played Rog/Tager with the glasses, black hat and big beard. GGs to everyone I played, and apologies for not making you work harder. I was super nervous and was dropping combos left and right.

Double apologies to everyone who had to sit through my horrible Tager on the stream. I was way nervous, and the first match against Hakumen I basically froze up like a deer in headlights. My second match against Tao went a bit better, but my execution was still way off and I was missing out on a ton of damage opportunities because I didn’t know the proper AC follow-up to actually hit her. Ouch.

Thanks again to everyone for an awesome time. It definitely lit a fire under me to level up my game. Hope to see people again soon!


Who the fuck is that?


wait 42 participants in sf4? I thought there was 37. I got shorted 5 bucks. Damn wasn’t the $10 venue fee enough??? Pros and cons of the venue…

Pros: Very good air flow and plenty of room

Cons: It was a filthy basement where you couldn’t even set a drink down without fear of a centipide crawling into it. A little pre-cleaning in the future wouldn’t hurt, especially since everyone paid 10 bucks.


I hear he likes umbrellas, but should really just use daggers instead.




congrats to the winners and all the losers *wink


[quote=“dfly, post:6, topic:79572”]

wait 42 participants in sf4? I thought there was 37. I got shorted 5 bucks. Damn wasn’t the $10 venue fee enough??? Pros and cons of the venue…

Pros: Very good air flow and plenty of room

Cons: It was a filthy basement where you couldn’t even set a drink down without fear of a centipide crawling into it. A little pre-cleaning in the future wouldn’t hurt, especially since everyone paid 10 bucks.[/QUOT

Well way to blow things out of proportion, quit hating seriously. I just copied and pasted the results, since you cant see the last placings…there are 5 byes listed. But instead you want to knock on what we are doing…complaining about 5 bucks. It was clearly our first one and we are already a step ahead of that, we didn’t even know those extra rooms existed until the tournament day so they weren’t cleaned out, my opologies. Tournaments take time and time is money, if you ever ran a tournament you’d understand. But thanks for your input, its much appreciated.

Domingo Ayala


GG to all of the people I played. And I personally think the tourny ran very smooth.


obviously it’s not much appreciated. $5 bucks is nothing you’re right. Nonetheless this is a forum for opinions and I’m allowed mine. First tournament… that’s fine but if your’e gonna charge 10 bucks to get in…and this doesn’t even have anything to do with you D so I don’t even know why you’re trippin. The place could have been cleaned up better, that’s all I said. Wouldn’t even be complaining if it was free but it was a basement and fools charged 10 bucks, fuckin get real

The place has potential and the tournament was well run on your part.


Seriously I thought $10 was too much for venue fee. Plus the drive is ridiculous.


are you really going to complain about the drive there? how is could that possibly be anyone’s fault?


Yeah, I would never pay 10 for a venue fee if it didnt include somthing. esp since you wanted people to online register (I dont have a credit card or any of that)

I would say that the tournament running and organizing was really fast and smooth. I liked the live stream, the commentary, and things really moved quick when stuff got moved downstairs. it was great that ppl were able to get things modded on site. and the casual room was a good place to hang inbetween matches.

food and drink were overpriced like a mofo (4.00 for a pizza thats worth about 1 with a jewel card) Location is terrible for me and i would assume anyone without a car. I would love to go to more of these but I wont cuz i cant always count on ppl for rides. like dfly said a few parts of the basement were a bit dusty and i saw some cobwebs around the place, but it didnt bother me as much as it did him.

Also I think you guys need to work on a better system to handle the money. seeing as how i noticed a lotta people mentioning how they didnt pay a venue fee and you had ppl in tournaments that they didnt pay for.

All in all i think it was a good 1st effort, i hope to see you guys do really well for those who can make it, and im sure you guys are 1 step ahead with dealing with all the probelms that came up! take alll of what i said as constuctive crit. not bashing or hating.


GLB - Great match, I finally got to play you and what do i do? jump into your dp like 5 times…

Tactics - had to play you 2wice in one day? wtf brackets? look into that program i told you about TiO.

Cracka J - Daggers prevailed yet again. I really knew i wasnt gonna be able to take you out since we played so much casuals. Umbrellas will get there day. good shit tho…

Part2 - Thanks for the stuff you were saying during my BB match I went and listened to the stream and it really felt great to finally have someone say good things about my game.

Ari - good shit takin it home, and my name is J-money not J-$$$$$$ ARRRRRRG lol

Syxx - Team no cream failed… at least you … wait you didnt win melty… hahahahaha

Jerry - OMG THANKS FOR THE RIDE YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!! once again nives you da best, also thanks for the baconator… great convo afterwards… good ideas to level up the game.

RichL - Nice meeting you, I will be getting in touch with you soon about that buisness matter.

Guy who played Ragna in BB casuals - stop jumping, I hate it…

Phalez - Well man, Ive been kinda down about my SF skills lately cuz i kinda suck and dont know how to level up. but it was good playing you.

G - that was my very 1st vega match. and i still dont know wtf vega does.

Chick with the colored hair who works for modchipman - Can i have yo number?

Spriggan - step it up bro you can do better

Emptyshiki - playing you in TvC is so much more fun than playing Kurasa and thanks for the melty copy. i WILL be playing that a lot, I love playing on your stick and GG’s in BB.

Orka - GG’s in BB. and DONT RIDE ALONE

Hentai - Didnt get to talk to you, but good seeing you.

ReyArt - ill twitter you about Reactor somtime this week

Gameworks kids - Ginz, start bringing me back food lol!!!
Balrog player/Scott??? I like yo style BALROG ARMY

everyone else…

Turning your money

Into J-money


I think it was a good tourney. Even though I wasn’t there for nearly as long as most of you, I liked the setup. Streaming matches were fun. $10 venue fee was meh. People have to make their money some how.

GG’s everyone.

Edit: After party was also chill as hell.


The stream was recorded, right? I’d like to check it out if you get around to uploading it.


Think all the tournaments are still up on rashads stream. I watched a bit of them yesterday.

Also, I love how people are complaining about the venue fee when it’s already been stated that your money is going to purchase permanent evo monitors, tables, chairs, systems, etc., for future use there. Do you think he had all those brand new chairs there just waiting for a tournament to randomly happen? All that stuff was purchased out of pocket.

Seriously, if you want to complain about venue fees look at other places in the area that are going to take 100% of your venue fees and put it in their own pockets. Cause that’s whats happening at other locations.

And even if you didn’t want to pay venue fee, you had an option of bringing a tv or ps3 or both. I was even getting MCM to refund people who had paid for venue fees and ended up donating setups THAT DAY! You guys reeeeaaallly had options if you didn’t want to pay venue fees. D was even throwing in a free tourney if you donated a complete setup…


That is not true, everyone had to pay it unless if they brought a setup of some sort. If there was no receipt being handed down then there was no way to get a free entry fee. A few issues popped up because the beginning I was running around a lot. I knew about RichL cause I figured it out after he was called, but Jerry could have gone up to pay the cover if he knew he was suppose to pay…but its all good…minor kinks and our fault. The tournament payouts were completely unaffected by anything as well, in fact we used the entry fees to help cover what the setup bringing effected. But Jim is correct, we made it very clear that most of the money was going right back into the tournaments. I have this whole feeling that all the people that lost are sour for some odd reason but hey its all good. And Roman the drive is about the same as Gameworks(you live in Cicero) so I have no idea how it can be that worst considering how often you were going to Gameworks to play on 1 machine…

These are bi-weeklys meant to help you guys out, if you guys think we are making mad money…then you obviously didn’t read the first post. As Jim said we are going to keep upgrading…seriously after paying for light and now rent for the spot we ended up losing money…but yet Rob still wants to keep going with these. Think of it like this, we are planning on getting Evo monitors for those rooms mounted onto the walls with no money being made from these tournaments from entry fee, which would explain the pizza prices. All I gotta say is Nickels Pizza cost the same and ive never heard complaints and If you think he is paying a ton for those then by all means you are mistaken. My apologies really on the dirt, like I said, I didn’t even know most of those extra rooms were going to be used or existed as the doors were closed when I walked around. I was really planning on using the 2 rooms only. We are planning on getting Fans for next event as well…our first tourney with only 3 weeks to get things going so I think it went very well. Hell I was so busy these 3 weeks cause of work I had 0 time to really invest into heading to MCM store again…But really thanks guys for the comments, they really help out!

Ill be posting probably sometime tonight onto more details about our next event.

Domingo Ayala


I thought the venue was alright. Ya kinda dirty but there was a lot of space to play. Plus 10 dollars only to be there from 1:00 to like 10:00 and being able to play casuals all day for that amount was awesome…


Casual room will get better as we get our own setups eventually and w/out the need for anyone to bring a ps3 / 360.

Ohh and almost forgot, special thanks to Phaze for helping out like a champ while he was there.