MODCHIPMAN'S CHICAGO BRAWLS - SEPT. 12th SF4 BB MvC2! With Online Registration!


This is something new thats brewing up and will possibly become something big and regular. Future possibility of extra pot money, store credit, EVO monitors,online registration and MUCH MUCH MORE depending on the scenes support. I would love to take a second to thank our sponsors over at iL (Thanks Louie!) for contributing to this event, they make great arcade parts!

Online Streaming will be done HERE Please click and read up for more INFO!!

There will be food and drinks for sale for those who dont want to miss matches!

Modchipman is going to be ready to do any quick mods on the spot! Dual Modding could take 1 or more days.

We are planning on using one of the rooms for Tournament Matches and the other to be our “CASUAL ROOM”.

Rules will be fully enforced! So no disappearing acts when tournaments are running.

Date: September 12th 2009

Times: Registrations start at 11:30 AM, Tournaments Scheduled to start at 1:30 PM PROMPTLY! NO TARDINESS WHATSOEVER! If you can’t make it in time please have a friend register you! In case you get registered and the tournament already started and your names called will mean straight to LOSERS bracket.
Times are tentative as we are starting the next tournament RIGHT after one is over. There will be a 10 Minute break in between tournaments to let people use bathroom / get some air. Registrations are closed right as soon as tournament STARTS, so dont come around 6:00 PM thinking your going to get into MVC2!!

1:30 PM - Street Fighter 4

5:30 PM - Blaz Blue

7:30 PM - MvC2

Format will be PS3 as its the standard for Tournaments.

We WILL need for people to bring MONITORS,PS3s w/cables(we have 2 total right now I NEED at least 4 more!) and GAME DISCS. Tube TVS are best, but if you have an EVO monitor or of equal caliber then please bring! We will lag test every lcd you bring! PLEASE IF YOU ARE BRINGING a monitor be at the site before 12:00 PM(Noon) in order for us to properly setup. Bringing a TV and/or PS3 WILL cover your Tournament FEE($7), bringing both a TV and PS3 will merit you 1 FREE $5 Tournament as well!

We are aiming at having 6 Monitors/tvs running the tournament at full speed. Anything after that(targeting 4 monitors/tvs) will be put into the CASUAL ROOM where people will be able to stay warm and have something to do while tournaments are running(Just don’t miss your call!). If you are coming please bring extra systems for the CASUAL ROOM. The covered tournament fees are coming out of my pocket so don’t stress it.

Online Registration Link:
Please make sure to put down your NICK/TAG and Name!

Fees / Payouts: $7 Tournament / Venue Fee if its online registration(everyone has to pay). $10 if you pay at the door on day of tournament.

      $10 SF4
      $5 BB
      $5 MvC2
      70/20/10 will be the payout system used!

Rules/Format**: ALL GAMES are 2/3 matches, best of 3 rounds for every match. Semi Finals 3/5 and FINALS being 4/7. All STANDARD RULES apply here, no foul play will be tolerated! NO BUTTON MAPPING ALLOWED(unless opponent agrees to your maps), Winner Keeps SAME Character while loser can change. NO DUMB GLITCHES please! Accidental pauses are treated as a LOSS, WIRELESS is something im looking into banning(due to me seeing accidental tournament pauses in every tournament Ive been too recently), feedback appreciated on this one! WIRELESS IS BANNED!! Sorry for inconveniences but having tournament matches being paused by someones wireless pad accidentally syncing is NOT going to happen here! Also no COMPLAINING about someone using keymaps / binds if your match has already started, MAKE SURE you are clear before you chose your characters. Once a match is started, you therefore abide to your oponents binds if any. No unlimited characters in BlazBlue!

350 S Main Pl
Carol Stream, IL 60188
(630) 462-8052

So there you have it folks, hope to see you there!! Please support and keep in mind that this is the first of many. Most Funds / Profits made from these are going right back into the tournaments (we will eventually get ALL EVO monitors for these and much much much more!)

List of people bringing equipment:

TVS : Cracka J / 2x Tactics(1 for casual unless someone has vga cable for ps3) / Syxx / Part Two/ Bobwashington
PS3s**: Cracka J / J-Money / Syxx / 2x Modchipman / Bobwashington / Rashad

So we could use at least 3-5 more depending on how many we will have in casual room, but definitely need AT LEAST 6, so we are pretty much close to that margin. If no one has a vga connection for ps3 my lcd(no lag) is going straight to Casual Room. Also someone bring an extra copy of sf4 for Cracka Js PS3.

ANY questions or comments please reply to thread or send PM if its nonconstructive / Advice.

Domingo Ayala JR.


legit. im goin

can you explain this part more?


Holy fuck.

This sounds awesome. I’ll most definitely look into going.


Must request off work ASAP!!!


Modchipman will be ready to MOD your sticks on site, depending on how many he already has for modding the time when you get it back can be a different day but im not 100% sure, its modchipmans idea. I believe he was thinking of having specials on parts / service for the tournament day, but again he could answer that better when he gets up and running.

Rob could you please elaborate a little more on this for me if you could? Thanks in advance.

Just in case people were wondering, depending on how smooth these run we WILL add more games to the lineup, future candidates at the moment are Tekken 6 BR, KOF 12, HDR, GGG and Melty.

WE are also looking into the possibility of having weekly gatherings at Modchipmans Store for a small cover fee. FEEDBACK OR COMMENTS are welcomed!!


when u say no button mapping u mean no ppp or kkk, correct?


Correct, or throw, or anything multi-button really, but read below.

Going to go ahead and edit that though, if the opponent doesn’t mind maps(tell him which ones) then its all good for the match. I know some pad warriors live on those maps, that is as fair as I can get on that :). If you guys want me to take off that rule then by all means please post away and let me know, im here to help your needs!



I’m there I guess maybe, if I dont work.


GET IT OFF, I will run this smoothly, as I have many many many tournaments in the past.


sexy ill be there and i got 2 weeks to practice.


cool well i’m looking forward to this i should have a ps3 or get my ps3 fixed by this and also i can bring an hd monitor.

oh ya and regarding button binding i’m not talking about throws or saving attack just ppp and kkk which are on by default and i usually just leave em. Basicly if u have the rule of no button binding for 4 then every time u set up your buttons if you are using a stick rather than going to default u will have to turn them off before every match


I’ll be out in Houston that weekend. Will look forward to joining the next one you throw Domingo. Good shit keeping the scene alive.


Cool, I can bring a PS3 with every game known to man. Cant really bring a tv. I think we should be able to map buttons in SF4, but in BB and Marvel idc.


plx ban wireless. kthx.

I’ll definitely be there to support the burbs scene.


I’ma try and be there as well.


Excellent, excellent. Count me tentatively IN.


This sounds awesome, I’ll be there, especially since it is 10 min away from my house :wow:


Syxx default is all good.


I will be there for sure. This sounds amazing!!!


so if i want to join the sf4 tourny how much will cost 10 or 17 dollars?