Moddable? Hori Fighting Stick Mini: Street Fighter Limited Edition

Does anyone know if these new Hori Mini Sticks for the Nintendo Switch are moddable? Could Sanwa sticks or buttons be added or are they proprietary like the other plain Hori Mini.


If I recall correctly, they are too small/shallow to fit a full JLF.
The buttons holes themselves aren’t sized for full-sized 30mm buttons (the plungers on that stick are similar in size to 24mm plungers) . If I recall from the PS4 version’s thread, it’s basically like the casing itself “includes” the button rims, and the removable buttons that you press are just the plungers. Also, the “minus” groove on the inside of it is rotated 90degrees from Sanwa 24mm plungers with respect to the clips, so you can’t even just swap in new plungers.