modded agetec

here’s another agetec mod
blue bat
blue ball top
green agetec ball

start,select, L1 and L2 from left over agetec buttons
the original start button is for dreamcast only

back view

switch between DC and encoder box


i was thinking of making just the wires (for DC) from the cord into a project box. i’m wondering if it’s possible or it should be done. putting in the switch makes me think it’s possible. if someone can help me on this subject it would be great.

if you’re asking why didn’t i just make the whole thing into a project box it’s because i play DC more and i like to keep the vmu screen as is instead of having a blank hole there or try to think of a picture to put in there how i was going to seal up the hole.
thanks to all the people’s posts i’ve read and those who have answer my questions.

comments welcome

edit: encoder box

i bought the box at frys electronics located in CA and vegas i believe. came in ugly color of light khaki. i had orange and green spray paint lying around so i painted it.

white background looks good but gets dirty fast. i’m thinking of replacing it with a picture with my chinese name between the stick and the buttons printed in vynil (sp?) but i suck at photshop. so until i get better it’s going to stay this way.

WOW simply beautiful. Speachless

That’s awesome, love the color scheme! :tup:

Wow! The colors are sooooooo nice, the 2 tones of blue + the white, I love alot!

Very nice work man, I heard modding the agetec needs to do lots of work, like widen the holes for all the buttons…I wanna do that too, but I’m not so sure what I have to do on the stick part.

I like everything except the agetec buttons on the side, the sudden green seems a bit weird. But if you like it, that’s all it counts, good work!

Did you use normal paint for the plastic case, or was it a particular ‘Paint for Plastic’ type of ordeal.



the stick part is pretty easy. all you need is a wrench and pull out the 4 post of the agetec, use those small hand saw that they sell at big lot or something for a couple of bucks and saw left and right side of the square box. oh when i say saw, i mean just vertically saw down just enough for you to break off using a wrench. you only need to break off the sides a little to where the two sides of the sanwa fits. leave the rest, it will help you center the stick. i also sand down the poles and the side after i break it off (becaure breaking it is not clean) so it would be even with the ground for the joystick. this is easier than it sounds.

regarding the holes, yeah it’s alot of work. i read that people use the big file to sand it so that the hole would get bigger. i used a power drill and a sander routery thing (sorry do’nt know the name) that i had lying aruond to make the hole bigger. it’s less work than the file. it took me ~3 hours (most of it is waiting for the power drill to cool down). there’s a jap tutorial with pictures showing you how it’s done. i’m sure you can find it in this forum if you search for it. just keyword agetec mod and it’s in one of the post.

i didn’t want to waste the buttons that are left since they’re in ok condition and would make good st sl l1 l2 buttons. not to mention i do’nt have that much moeny to spend on more parts. but it turned out better than i thought.

i didn’t use plastic paint because they didn’t come in that shade of blue. i used that “painter’s touch?” muti purpose spray paint i believe is the name of it. it worked out fine. i thought that i would have to repaint it and use a plastic primer but, i tested on the vmu box and it works so i just went from there. the white i got the $.98 white spray paint at home depot “quick fix?” i also bought the blue paint at home depot for like $3. i painted 3 coats just to be sure and it turned out better than i thought. i was going to go with the blue from sanwa but they didn’t have that. this blue was the only that’s closest to it. i also painted the nuts that holds the metal plate blue if you look closely.

I’m interested in what you are using for an encoder box and where you got it from.

bought the box at frys electronics new pics for you

Could a Xbox PCB fit in those?

Beautiful mod,i really like it

chickenmcnasty :tup:

i don’t know, but judging from how big the xbox controller is, i would have to say no. it’s a tight fit for the ps2 in terms of height (i had to cut the analog stick and hot glue the analog box so it wouldn’t move) and i think the xbox is fatter than that.

I see, so you just used normal Paint.

I decided to repaint my modded Namco stick, with a particular paint that is made only for plastic. Doesn’t seem to be very nice, eventually after resting my hands on the small part of the painted location it gets soft and really mushy, that it can easily begins to rub off. I don’t know if it is becuase of the paint being horrible or just a normal painting failure. Guess I’ll have to try the normal paint as you did when time comes for me to mod my Agetec (providing that I can get it)

(nice stick by the way)

pics seem to be down. Can you explain what your encoder box does and how it works?

nice job.



Ill post a pic of mine soon, psone and xbox pcbs switched via an outside switch. It was a very tight fit and required a lot of fucking rewiring and creativity.

are there any agetec mod tuts in english i just won this auction on ebay also can anyone recommend a specific dremmel are is just anyone with a sanding bit or whatever you call it do?

really? i checked the pics just now and it seems to be working. if you have peerguardian you have to disable it in order to view the pics. let me know if you still can’t see the pics and you’re still interested in seeing it.

encoder box is for a specific system, in my case 2 boxes, 1 for ps, other is usb. it’s just a ps and usb gamepad hacked and wired to a db25 placed inside a project enclosure.

you’re the one that won the broken agetec? man…i think that money is better spent on a custom case instead of an agetec case. it’s not worth it unless you can fix the pcb…

another mod with pics. maybe the pics will help you to konw where to cut etc…

thchardcore wrote a tut in the sanwa mod thread a few days ago. just go to the last page and work backwards. you can always search this forum, there’s plenty of thread that mention the modding of this stick.

edit: thanks for all the compliments. word of advise to those who are planning painting the case, don’t choose white as your background where your hands are, they get dirty REALLY fast. or maybe i’m just a dirty person.

I’ve been in the process of doing the same thing but with a 15pin vga connector. It was going fine until soldering to the directional solder points on the pcb. Now whenever I solder to the down point, only left and up work…wtf! guess I’ll start over.

here’s the page where I’ve been documenting all my work.

I’m quite new at this sort of thing, but I have some soldering experience from fixing guitars for some time.

I’m wondering if maybe a 15pin vga connector was such a good idea afterall =/



VGA connectors won’t work. :frowning: you need a DB15 for that.

why wont they work?