Modded Mayflash vs windows vs mame

Hi. After a long and strenuous process of getting my Mame roms to work (been trying since early February) I finally got at least a quarter of them going. In my excitement, I grabbed my modded mayflash and hooked it up to my pc (windows 7) for the first time.

I boot up Mame and sf2 without modifying any controls. It’s only necessary to mention I modded it due to the fact that i changed the button layout. My button layout is like this (top row to bottom row l to r, Sq-tri-r1-l1-x-o-r2-l2. And here is what Inputs ended up being, lk, hp, nothing, nothing, lp, mp, hk, nothing. I grabbed my driver disk and loaded it and my buttons were fucked. square = 6 as opposed to 2 which it should be according to my mod, and 1 according to what i want. the only input that was correct was 5 for some reason, but hey there’s this convenient button mapping feature. Nope.avi. Doesn’t work for shit. You can get 1 row. I reconfigured the top row so it inputted 1234, and the bottom row was naturally 5876. I changed 8 to 6, and all that happened is 3 does 6 now not 3. the button mapping is god awful. I went on Mame to see if i could change something there, nope once again. Same case, except the number per button was -1. I.e. when I pressed 1 on the controller settings it would show up as joy 1 button 0.

Can anyone help me I’ve been wanting to play these things for so long?!

PS: Sorry for the aimless complaining, I’m tired and fed up with this B.S.

The drivers seem to have mixed up the button order on your PC, unless the order is also mixed up when you use your Mayflash on a PS2/PS3.

But in MAME, you can easily reconfigure your buttons in the menu “Input (this Game)” by pressing Tab after loading a rom.

Leave the button order in the drivers as it originally was when you installed it.

It works just find on my ps3 and ps2. I actually cant change it on mame, because I went to button one, enter, and it works, and the button 2, press enter, it says on my stick it registers as 0. I play sf2ce, and button 1 is like heavy kick. All I want to figure out is how to fix my in computer button config because it repeatedly contradicts itself.

Anyone? I seriously want to play some mame games.