Modded my te fight stick and now i got a small issue


i changed it from a balltop to a bat top, and upleft and upright dont register very well. whats the issue? everything else is very smooth and exactly what i want


maybe you attached the cable upside down.


i just took the top off. i didnt change the stick its self if you know what i mean. if you take the back off of the fight stick, youll see all the parts, and theres a little flat head screw at the bottom of the stick its self. if you loosen that a little u can screw the ball top off and replace it with whatever you want.


Maybe you should try it again with the balltop.


so you didn’t detach the cable from the stick when you changed the ball to bat top?


nope. i didnt mess with anything like that.


what color is your bat top??? i had a problem with a blue bat top i got, when i go to tighten it down as I should its actually too tight and restricts movement and if i loosen it up its too loose and falls off… ive tried it with my other colored bat tops and they worked fine… same with ball tops… it could be you just got a bad bat top…


its black. ive been just readjusting it over and over and it seems to be pretty accurate at this point. not entirely perfect though.


i had the same problem when i switched to bat top my self on my te … and realized that the adapter screw wasnt screwed all the way down on the shaft. i main balrog now and i had those same problems…just take off the bat top… screw the little adapter peace on first make sure its all the way down then screw on the bat top…hope that helps


Open it again and make sure none of the wires are interfering with the movement.

And lol at beastSPL, not sure if he’s serious or not. But I don’t see colors being the problem here. Haha.


Do bat tops have problems with the shaft cover? I’ve never used a bat top, so I don’t know from personal experience.

While you have the top panel off, move the joystick around to make sure the acuator hits the corners with no difficulty.


yea im being serious, I havent been able to reproduce the same problem with any of my other bat tops on any of my JLFs … yea the color isnt the problem but in particular my blue bat top must be a defect … i should have said you could have a defective bat top. i only asked what color cause maybe there was a bad batch of blue bat tops or something. lol . i wish i can use my blue bat top … hahah …



AFAIK, bat tops don’t interfere with shaft covers. I’ve used mine on a couple of sticks, from LS-32’s to JLF’s, to ugly HORI’s and Agetec Green Goblins.

The only possible problem I see with yours is either a.) defective bat top like beastSPL mentioned, or b.) some wires from the internals is interfering with the joystick movement.


it’s probably just the bat top pushing against the shaft cover. on my seimitsus(ls40/56) the bat top pushes down on the cover restricting corner movement. the simple fix is using a thin 1/4" washer so the top tightens against the flat on the metal shaft and not the cover, or you could trim(butcher) the shaft cover.


Have you tried switching back to the balltop and seeing if the issue still remains?


it seems to be working a little better now…

strange because its(the bat top its self) fairly loose.

am i just missing some obvious point to this?

thanks for all the input guys



Maybe it’s just taking you a while to get used to it, dude.


its a possibility that im not used to how bat tops are…

but im clearly hitting up left and it wont always work. ill hold it in and sometimes it takes a bit before any back jumping happens.

i looked around and its hitting both triggers and i tested all the triggers and its fine


If you aren’t having any problems when using the balltop on the same stick, then it just implies you need to just simply get used to using a bat top. You aren’t changing anything in the stick mechanism itself, so nothing should be affecting how the microswitches operate.