Modded push buttons

People have modded push buttons by adding in background art, but since earlier today I have been working on modding some extra Happ competition buttons I had with wood.

On my first attempt I simply drilled a hole part way through the top of the botton and set a piece of wood into it.
It looks okay in the pictures, but up close it doesnt look quite as good.

My second attempt, which I am still working on, will change the entire push button as well as the lip on the top. Right now I have everything cut, I just have to glue it all up with some gorilla glue. It will look really good if everything goes well, but my only concern is that the wood lip will break when the button is screwed in. However I wont be able to test that until tomorrow night once the glue on the lip cures.
The rubber bands in the pictures are to hold down the wooden lip while the glue cures since its not really possible to get a clamp on with the way the bottom of the button is.

Also, incase the lip doesnt work out well, here are some pictures of how things would look if I just modded the push button. These are different from the first set of pictures because the wood push button is not set in the plastic one, but rather it replaces the top of the plastic one completly.

that’s pretty cool :). I might give it a try sometime… When I get my lathe.

All right, so I finished up everything today. The wooden lip works perfectly. You can tighten the button just as tight as you normally would, and it even survived when I accidently dropped it onto the concret floor in the basement.

Below you can see pictures of the finished product both set into a piece of test wood of the same type used on the button, and set into the holder I used while I was working on it. Also, the button has a few coats of lacquer on it, which is why it has a slight shine and is a little darker than the test wood.

I think the button looks really nice, though the only thing is that the next time I have to cut the push button down a little further since you are able to see a little bit of the glue when the button is in its normal position, its not too noticeable in the pictures though.

For now I know I can do this to Happ buttons, and I would imagin it wouldnt be much different for Sanwa, but I still have to give that a try once I put in an order for some more parts.

I still have to get in some more practice in making these but I am just curious, is there anyone that would be interested in buttons similar to this one? Like ones with different types of wood or something similar. Actually, something to think about would be to try out a bottle cap. I dont have any on me, but if they were the right size, then that would make for a pretty unique push button.

Nice work. Get a camera that can focus, though.

I know, I am sorry about that. The camera I have is an older one and it has trouble focusing when its so up close.

Also, here’s how the button looks on my stick. I figured it need some real time testing.

Does it have a macro mode?

Hey chipper, looks like one can build a completely wood finished stick now. :wink:

Not that I know of.

As for the button, it works perfect. I tried it out in both a shoot’em up, where it was the main shoot button so that it would get plenty of use, and in a 2D fighter. The only difference is that the modded one is slightly stiffer. This is because the way it was made causes the spring in the button to be slightly more compressed, though I should be able to drill into the back side of the button slighty to fix that. I will try that out on my next attempt.

If you have more of that stain available, I’ll see what I can do about getting you a wooden bat top. I’ve been playing with those, and I have a hacked-off Happ shaft here that I’ve been meaning to run 6mm threads onto just for that purpose. The problem is that the steel of the shaft is MUCH thicker than a sanwa, which means I’m going to have to use several die wrenches in sequence to get it down to 6mm. We’ll see. :smiley:

Of course, if you don’t care whether it ever takes anything but my custom bat, I can use larger threads. :wink:

It would be nice to have a ball top to match, but the problem is that I didnt stain the wood at all, I only put a few coats of lacquer on it which just darkened the color of the wood a little bit. If you look at my second post you can see the button set in the same kind of wood that it was made out of. I dont remember what kind of wood it is but is nartually dark like that. So I would have to try to find a stain that is the same color as the lacquered wood or something like that.

Hmm. If it’s pine you’re in the clear. Anything else…dunno. :\

Just thought I would let people know that I worked out all of the problems I had with my first button. My second button is now more level, equal height as the plastic buttons, equal tension as the plastic ones, and you dont see the glue on the side of the button.

The new button is the one on the bottom in the first picture and the left in the second.

Also, now that I found an easier way to make them than the way I tried at first, I will slowly be modding all of my push buttons on this stick to be wood ones.

It looks like walnut to me.

Man if these could be done in sanwa/seimi sized…i would so buy some :frowning:

Looks very kewl +Respect!

I recently put in an order with Lizard Lick for my next stick and I threw in 2 extra sanwa OBSN-30’s to experiment with(things should be here tomorrow or tuesday). So if all goes well you could soon see some wood topped sanwa buttons.

sweet…lets hope all goes well with your experimenting…ill be interested in picking some up

I got my order in today and after looking at the design of the buttons, I will tell you that its going to be harder doing the Sanwa buttons. For starters I need to pick up some metric hole saws in order to get the pieces to be the right size. Then there is the problem with the tabs on the side of the button. The point at which I have to cut off the top of the push button is also the point at which the tabs are connected, so I have to either figure out a way to put the tabs back on the wooden part in such a way that they wont fall off easily, or find something that I can use to replace the tabs with.

So once I get those two things covered I will be able to convert Sanwa buttons.

Ack. You got snap-ins and not screw ins. :frowning: No wonder.

You’re right on about the hole saw though.

No I got screw-ins, but the part of the button you push down has two small tabs on the side of it which prevent it from falling out of the top. I could probably get by fine without them since the button fits pretty snug on the switch but some people might be a little weary about not having those tabs.