Modded SE having problems with Sanwa buttons?

When I first bought my SE, I played with it for a little, but the fierce kick button went out. After putting it down for about a week, I came back to it and it worked again but would still occasionally go out. After I got my Sanwa buttons in, I snapped all of them in, but since then I’ve still been having the same problem. I figured that it was probably just shitty loose wiring in the SE, so I would open it up and find out they were a little loose-looking so I would push the wires in the buttons a little. However, today I was playing and as usual the FK button went out so I opened it up and pushed the connectors in, but the button isn’t registering at all. Is it loose connections or would it be the wiring? This is like this 20389283534th problem I’ve had with the SE, I’m about to just throw it at a baby’s face

This is happening to me too, i havent upgraded any parts yet but i voided the warranty (dumb). I say this because i want to upgrade to sanwa parts but im afraid the problem is in the shitty wiring of the SE like the op. Im interested to hear responses.

I’m having this problem too, please answer :x

I had the same problem myself seems like the PCB gave out :frowning: so I tossed that and pad hacked a controller . Also I had a ps3 se I never figured out what it was but I’m sure PCB just went so I just did this.

Yeah, one of my buttons randomly stopped registering so I opened it up to see what the problem was. Nothing seemed wrong, and it still wasn’t working so I swapped it out with another button, and now both of them won’t register. :confused:

sounds like you’re having a fun time soldering

either that or there’s soemthing you’re nto telling us

It’s actually on a TE, unmodded. Idk what’s going on.

I’m no expert or anything just have an idea maybe u can solder a wire directly to the PCB and to the button and see if t works ?
If it does chances are something in between is causing the problem? Correct me if I’m wrong just trying to help :wink: