Modded SE, Parts lot, and more

Ok I have some things I want to sell.

first off, a modded 360 SE. works perfect and barely and marks on it. no joystick though. you can just slap in any JLF in there and it will work fine.
$30 + $7 shipping. SOLD!

next, a streetfighter 15th anniversary chun-li pad. works perfect. comes in the original box but its in fair condition.
$15 + 5 shipping.


random arcade button lot and ball top. SOLD!!
$2 + 3 shipping.

I’m also updating this every time I see something else for sale. anyone interested?

is the SE ps3 or 360 ?
if PS3 dibs on that one.

sorry man, 360.

pm’d dibs on se as long as it has the pcb and stuff

PM’d on the pink balltop w/ 2 buttons.

UPDATE: se and parts are sold.