Modded SE Stick Driving me nuts!

Hey guys, I have a modded SE stick with everything replaced with sanwa parts, but I’ve been having some problems. Everyone once in a while, my roundhouse and KKK buttons will just stop working (bottom left 2 buttons) which is a really big pain because this will be fixed as soon as I unplug the wire from the XBox and plug it back in (usually costing me a round or a huge chunk in health). Another problem I’ve been having lately is that my upward directions (up back, up, and up forward) sometimes just stop working as well until i either slam up on the stick somewhat hard or unless I do the aforementioned method of unplugging the wire and plugging it back in. Any ideas of what I should do to fix these problems for happening? Thanks in advance!

Edit: bottom right 2 buttons not bottom left 2 buttons

I know when I replaced my stick with a JLF the connector kept coming loose and making me miss directions or plain stop working so I had to hot glue it on there. Its possible you got a bad PCB though so try contacting madcatz if everything seems straight in regards to disconnects.

i have the exact same problem with the HK and KKK buttons on my modded SE. its pretty annoying, but thankfully i have a TE and usually just use that most of the time :frowning:

He cant. If hes modified it with Sanwa parts he would have had to open the case voiding his warranty.

madcatz still sends you a new pcb in alot of cases apparantly, read it on here somewhere yesterday

I’ll try to check out what they can do, I checked the connector pin as mentioned and it was a TAD loose so i pushed it in a bit farther and taped it down around it (afraid to super glue it incase i mess that up some how). Thanks for the help though, I might just ebay this baby and get a TE stick if one falls out of the sky at a gamestop near me…

This is a common problem, there are several other threads on the LT/RT button issue.

I’d still give Madcatz a call, apparently they have been pretty understanding about fixing modded SEs. TEs are not all that hard to find anymore actually and can be had at or even under $150 online (they went on sale at Newegg not too long ago). You could also pre-order an HRAP3-SA or HRAPEX-SE on amazon for less than a TE and they are just as good as a TE (or better, depending on your preferences).