Modded SE with Sanwa Joystick/Buttons+cash for Nintendo Wii


God I want this so badly. Thing is, the Wii in my house belongs to someone else, if not I’d trade it ASAP.


what the fuck happened to my thread??


Anyway, I posted I wanted to trade a PS3 SE modded with white JLF and white sanwa obsf buttons in mint condition + cash, works flawlessly, for a Nintendo Wii.


It got moved to this thread…


That’s kind of annoying. Oh well, a little note that it was moved would be nice.

I’m sick, so everything is pissing me off today. lol


Ferris, is there any chance you would take money for it instead or?


Yes, I would take money. Money is great. :slight_smile:


What’s your going price?


I was thinking 160.00 shipped? PM me if interested