Modded Stick With sixaxes sometimes get's Stuck


I have a T5 stick modded with a sixaxis inside. Everything is working but yesterday night I played a friend online for about 1hr and 3 or 4 times the controller got “stuck” in a position and I had to wiggle the joystick to “clear it”.

It wasn’t a particular direction, at first it was jumping left, then it was walking left and then it was chourching.

What could be causing this problem? What can I check to see if everything is ok? I have never experienced it before and just 3 days ago I played about 100 offline matches and it never happened, could it be an online problem? Also the batteries are charged so that’s not the problem.

Here are pictures of it:


Check the analog sticks, they might be slightly loose and any movement from them will result in a directional input.

Make sure they’re in a neutral position and either hot glue or use super glue to secure them.