Modded T5 stick with Plexi, 2 modded namco sticks, all sanwa all the time $85 and $70

Hey everyone,

Cleaning out my closet–have some old sticks I’m getting rid of at good prices. The three sticks aren’t mint by any means, but they’re still in pretty good condition and function perfectly.

Modified t5 stick:

Shell painted glossy white. All 8 main fire buttons are sanwa screw-in, and stick is Sanwa JLF. Select and start are standard hori buttons.

PCB has been swapped out to DUAL SHOCK PCB.

Stick also has custom made plexi top, and original metal plate is underneath with art removed and black vinyl layover applied. The color in the picture is off, due to the reflection of the plexi.

It’s been used, there are some light scratches on the plexi, but overall, stick works really great. LIKE A ROCK!!!

$85 plus shipping.

2X modded NAMCO Stick

Both of these are modded the exact same way.

One has a matte black finish on the case, with vinyl overlay and red sanwa buttons. Stick is hybrid sanwa/hori to allow proper fitting into the case. Case was not modified for the sanwa stick, so if you choose to revert back to a hori-type stick, you still can. Or you can fully mod this to go full sanwa if your heart desires.

The red L1 and L2 buttons are custom painted to match the pushbuttons.

Just a word of notice–these namco sticks feel like they have a shorter throw and the sticks themselves feel pretty tight. Get em if you like your sticks tight and short (no homo?).

The Yellow one has a semi-glossy finish and is otherwise identical to the red.

They both are used but function perfectly. Both have minor scratching on the case, but no major scratches or marks. Underside panels are painted grey to prevent rusting, but bottom sides are scratched up.

Buy each one for $70+shipping, or get em both and get free shipping!

They look great together!


I accept paypal only and I’m looking to sell these quickly. Pay me over the weekend and these sticks will ship on monday! Whoever gets paypal to me first gets the sticks. OBO in full effect, no lowballers plz. hiballers ok.

Wow, those Namcos both look quite nice. I especially enjoy how well you employed what is relative simplicity, compared to most customs and mods.

anyone? taking offers here people :slight_smile:

PM sent about the two namco sticks.