Modded TE rd 2 (Xbox 360) and modded Agetec


I have a modded TE round 2 for the Xbox 360. It has Carbon Fiber art and Fresh yellow Sanwa buttons on it. It is a 6 button layout, so I took out the trigger buttons. I don’t mess with the cord so it is still like new unlike other people’s TEs. The compartment is in perfect condition too. I’ll let this go for 100 + shipping. If you want it dual modded, pay an extra $80 and I’ll dual mod it for you. Here’s a pic of the carbon fiber so you could see it better on camera.

I also have an Agetec with sanwa buttons on them. It’s painted black, but I didn’t paint the part where the vmu goes because it’s too hard to mask that part off, so I colored it. It looks really nice and it works really well. I’m selling it because I need money for Christmas and I don’t even have a Dreamcast anymore because I sold it. 60 + shipping.
Photo0093.jpg picture by SMASHerJOSH - Photobucket

I will be willing to take a trade. My Agetec for your custom case w/ art. I will be willing to trade something for an Astro Mixamp or the whole audio system.


the carbon fiber looks cool! gl with your sale.


Are you willing to ship to Canada?




Added modded Agetec to the mix!


I also want to trade for or buy an Astro mixamp.


how much shipped to 32814 for the TE