Modded Tekken 5 and SFAC Sticks, CvS2 and SFAC PS2

Modded Tekken 5 stick with Sanwa parts (PS2): **$80 shipped **(U.S)

The stick works perfectly fine on any Playstation 2 console.

Modded Street Fighter Anniversary Collection stick with Happ competition stick and buttons: $60 shipped (U.S.)

The stick works fine on any Playstation 2 console AND Xbox console.

Also, I am selling Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2) $20 Shipped
and Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2) $25 Shipped

Both games come in original cases.

Any questions let me know


Do you ship to Canada?

Bah never mind someone already got dibs. Crap.

Wow, great prices. Hope they get sold =)

PM sent for SF stick

I must be the only person with a T5 stick(Hrap1 layout) who prefers the first 6 buttons. But damn, that modded one looks real nice. That’s a pretty cool color for Ryu. Hope it does get sold.

Wow, if I liked huge bulky men covering my arcade sticks I’d totally get that Ryu stick.

interested in SF stick

i got dibs if Roushiei falls threw

let me know

Is the PS2 ryu stick sold? I would like to buy that

so cheap, wish i could get it.

RTJ I sent yah a PM,and can pay you tonight if you still have the RYU stick available

Dibs on the SFAC stick if it’s still available

I’m also very interested in the SFAC stick.
(I’m in Canada but I’d certainly pay extra for shipping.)

What era is the joystick: old, really old, new Happ, new IL?

RTJ anyway you can give us an update on whats been sold?

2 questions.

  1. Does CvS2 and AE come with instruction booklets as well?
  2. Would you do 40shipped for both?

That Ryu T5 looks solid! :tup: I’m sure somone will pick it up.

Update The tekken Ryu stick has been sold (ministry).

The SFAC Stick and the two games still have been sold to nmbr1krush.

I apologize to the other users, but you guys didn’t send me PMs or paypal verification in time.



cool if he doesn’t buy it, Ill pay yah immediately.thanks man


rtj check pms!

All items have been sold.