Modding 101 Qanba Q1

Hello community.

Some guy is asking me to do the 101 modding* to a Qanba Q1 PS3 fightstick using a Madcatz SFXT Fightpad for XBOX 360. I’ll make that mod because the guy asked me for the cheapest work in price (yeah, he cant afford buying a Cthulhu or a PS360)

I’ve always modded Madcatz R1, R2, Pro, S and VS fightsticks but i dont know too much about Qanba PCBs.

Question is: Do you recommend Qanba for making this mod without any further problems? (like voltage issues or shortcuts or power supply). Please reply ASAP. Thank you in advance.

*101 mod is this one: Dual modding 101

I haven’t heard of too many problems with the Q1 PCB but I would be a little concerned with the amount of space available inside the case for the pad.

Yeah, that’s a very important thing i forgot!!

I remember putting a Paewang inside a Q1 once before and i got enough extra space… anyway i’ll count on that. Thanks