Modding 360 Hori EX2 and 360 Hori Wireless Tekken 6 Joysticks

Hi all

I just need some sound advice

My brother and I are looking to mod our joysticks, he lives in Toronto Canada and I am flying out from England to see him this Friday for 2 weeks.

I am trying to buy parts but am a little lost as to what is needed and were to ordered them from.

I have scanned the forums and a lot of people seem to be using Sanwa Joystick and button parts.
I am happy to go with this and wondered if anyone knows of a place where i can order the parts to be delivered to me in the UK (before I go) or for my brother to order them to him in Canada.

We would be looking to replace both joysticks, and all the playing buttons

360 EX2 1 joystick and 6 buttons

360 Wireless 1 joystick and 8 buttons.

Thanks in advance guys
P.s also if anyone knows of a little guide that could help us out with modding it would be much appreciated.

I’d have them shipped to your brother in Canada, a great place to buy from is Canadian Joysticks, they have a thread open here, but it hasn’t been posted in for a while. That thread is here:

They appear to be a reputable site, and they ship quickly.

Fair warning, they are tough to mod. But, since you already have them, no choice in getting something easier.

Guys thanks very much for your advice and help