Modding 360 SF4 TE stick to play PS3?

I’ve had a 360 TE stick for a couple of years now, and it’s been an awesome stick, even if I haven’t used it as much as I should. A couple of months ago, I finally invested in a PS3, and I plan to buy all future fighting games for it instead of my 360 due to all my friends using the PS3 for fighters, as well as the online fighting community generally being larger on the PS3.

Rather than shell out the bucks for an entirely new stick (even SE sticks are hard to find these days), I was wondering how feasible it would be to mod my 360 stick to play on the PS3. I know I would need a Cthulhu board (or something similar) for it to play on both systems, but I’m satisfied (at least for now) if it only worked with the PS3. Is it as simple as replacing the PCB with that of a PS3 controller and rewiring everything, or is it more involved?

Any details and tips are appreciated!

For SSFIV, I think 360 would be the better choice for online, wouldn’t it?

Interesting, but I would really like it if I could mod my stick without having to buy a $50 board. I only want PS3/360, I don’t need all those older systems thrown in as well. If only I could find a schematic of the Cthulhu/Kitty boards, or even just understand the specifics of what they are doing, I could do the modding by hand. I’m not afraid to bust this thing open and solder the crap out of it. ChImp$35 PS3 Only Cthulhu$ 30

I’d say it’s more involved because if you go the non-Kitty dualmod route, you’re going to have to solder every point from the main PCB to the Cthulhu/ChImp/Kitty boards.

Some distinctions between these boards:
Cthulhu - provides PS3/PC functionality only
MC Cthulhu - provides PS3/PC functionality in addition to other multiple console functionality
ChImp - provides PS3/PC functionality only and a switch for dualmods so you can select which console will be used (these now autodetect as well) - this basically eliminates the need for a DPDT switch
Kitty - provides PS3/PC functionality in addition to other multiple console functionality. Bunch of other features as well

All of these boards are made and designed by Toodles, SRK Tech Talk’s resident expert and in my opinion, dualmodding gawdddd

If you have a TE, the Kitty is by far the easiest solution, and also has a slew of other options in case you decide you want to start using your stick on other consoles. There’s little to no soldering involved (depending on how you do it), is the most painless (soldering to me is a pain, especially to such little points - you also don’t have to worry about finding a spot to drill holes and mount the board in), and is expandable. It’s also at Lizard Lick, priced at $50.

I’ve used and installed most of these boards (all save MC Cthulhu) in TE sticks and the Kitty is definitely the most hassle-free and feature rich of them all.

There are so many more details involved, but if you are absolutely deadset on just PS3/360 and don’t mind the work involved, you ought to get the ChImp. If you want to learn a lot more, check out the Cthulhu thread which deals with a lot of these boards.

In a perfect world, I would be able to look at schematics of these boards and see if it’s something I could do myself, not only to save money, but just to see if I can. However, since ICs and surface mount parts seem to be quite prevalent (I can’t solder THAT well), I should probably just buy a board for my first mod and maybe try something more complex down the road.

I will likely get the Kitty board over the others, if only for the sake of simplicity. It seems to be sold out at the moment on Lizard Lick, so here’s to hoping they can restock soon so I can try it out.

Thanks for all the info!

you can contact toodles directly here if you need to make a purchase.