Modding 360 TE Fightstick to PS3

Is it possible? I may want to ditch the 360 and get a PS3, but I sure as hell don’t want to dish out another $150 for a PS3 version TE Fightstick. I’ve heard that there are ways to mod the USB cable to the PS3 cable but I was wondering if anybody else has done a 360->PS3 swap before and/or have more experience in this swapping category.

I haven’t opened my 360 TE fight stick yet and don’t know what it is like inside other other than the fact that the buttons/joystick are apparently easily swappable. is all you need really.
Easy enough to install and works great.

Thanks for response. Another question. If I do not know to solder and I buy the assembled PS3 Cthulu kit w/ screws, is the PCB easily swappable without any hard modding(as in I probably only need a screwdriver or pliers)