Modding a brawl stick?

Just recently made the change from pad to stick. I was wondering if the WWE All Stars Brawl Stick is compatible with the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal plate. Thanks.

The Brawl Stick is basically a MadCatz SE for all intents and purposes, so any mods that you can make to an SE you should be able to make to it.

I don’t recall whether the stock joysticks will accept a replacement gate (I think so?), but even if not, you could drop a JLF or similar joystick in there instead and use your octo-gate with it.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, I grew up on american cabinets, so I’d prefer to stick with what I’m comfortable with in octo/circle gates.

The GT-Y Octogate should be able to work with the stock joystick from the pictures I’ve seen. Not sure of the blue Toodles GT-C

Well, I’ve already ordered my GT-Y, I’ll keep you guys posted on whether or not it’ll work. Hopefully I won’t have to buy too many parts, I’m cheap enough already haha.

The hardest part about changing the gate might be getting the stock gate off. Use a small flathead screwdriver unless you’re okay with losing a few nails. I personally had to resort to using a razor blade to trim off some plastic before I could get it off.

This was on an SE, though. Hopefully MCZ made some improvements on the brawl stick.

The brawl stick is probably one of the best JLF clones on market, in terms of likeness and quality. I know the gate on the regular SE was almost impossible to be removed. If there were ever a knock off to accept the GT-Y, I think this would be it.

But am I sure if GT-Y will fit on it? I do not know, so I am actually quite interested in the results.

My gate is coming from a seller in Maine, and I live in Southern California. So it’ll be a while until it gets here. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted.

I almost stabbed myself with the flathead trying to get the stock gate off. I danced around when I finally got it off lmao

Hey everyone, got my GT-Y in the mail today. jaytoo was right about it being difficult to remove the stock gate, I found that the bottom prong on the square gate was the most difficult to remove. The other three seemed to pop out without much effort. The flathead screwdriver worked wonders here. As for compatibility, it snapped in perfectly. Yay for octogates. I was going to post pictures, but they ended up really dark. (I was doing this at 7:50pm haha).

tl, dr - It fits.

Cool! Thank you for the info.

I need some help now guys. I was able to get the bottom prong off after a lot of effort, but no I’m unable to get the rest to unhook. Any suggestions??

Get a flathead screwdriver. You’ll save your fingers quite a bit of pain.

I was able to get it off. Power,screw driver and wife were all needed.