Modding a budget controller. $27 NJ802 PS3/PC


This controller is a huge piece of shit not worth modding! Buttons are replacable but joystick not so much…

Saw a variety of these controllers with different plug options for under $30 when I was looking for a budget controller to throw some spare parts into. Ended up with going with a no name NJ802 for 27.50 on ebay…

Fully expecting it to be not great. I got a seller to measure the buttons on it and it takes 30mms. I have 7 Hori Kuro (don’t know where #8 went? lol) lying around unused. My plan is to put the new buttons minus 1 in, recable it so it uses a standard button scheme (notice it has all the L and all the R on the far ends of the 8 buttons with the face buttons in the middle. I didn’t notice this until after i bought it, lol, so I have to redo the art too, for more reason than 1…) and to be honest I don’t hate the shape of it.

I’ll be sure to document how it goes, just wondering if anyone else has done this. I only modded one stick previously and that is the old Mad Catz PS3 sticks, the modability of those is well known and documented. This controller not so much so. It’s 4 cm deep and uses a standard joystick, something that would be able to replace. What can i fit in this which is 4cm deep? Is a hayabusa a possibility for this depth? I never modded the VLX because I loved the hayabusa setup.

I was gonna get a ps3/pc replacement PCB but some of the cheaper ones don’t support the PS button which is annoying IMO, so i figure i will keep the stock PCB and re wire it.