Modding a dreamcast with cthulhu pcb

can anybody give me some tips and how to do it. i want to do this since i can’t find a sega dreamcast arcade pad anymore unless i spin alot money online which i don’t wanna do. but willing to do this just for fun.

i read up on how to used a cthulhu pcb with a ps2 but no dreamcast. can anybody help and if they’re a site, please let me know?

If you’re talking about using a MC Cthulu, you need to order it from e.g. upload the latest firmware, and then attach a Dreamcast cable. If you can solder, have an internet connection, and have a windows PC it’s relatively straightforward.

As Rufus has stated, the MC Cthulhu supports Dreamcast.

Any tutorials for the Dreamcast cable? I’ve only ever found the piggy back tutorial.

The closest I found is this:

As long as SRK doesn’t have an (un)expected database error, it should give you enough information.

thank. the reason i am going this route is because i was kinda stock how much was the sega dreamcast arcade pad are not a days. from $90 to $120 in mint condition. this is why i am going this route and at least i know i can switch back and forward on dreamcast and snes.