Modding a Gamester Reflex Arcade Stick?


i did a quick search on the forums, and i couldn’t come up with anything.

so, has anyone ever modded one of these sticks before?

honestly, they’re not terrible for something so cheap. but, yeah, has anyone modded one of these before? my friends have these, and i was wondering if there was anything i could do to make the sticks better.

thanks, guys. :tup:


Doesn’t look like it’d be worth it. They are curved, so it’d be had to mount a joystick or buttons to it. The buttons don’t look like they have 30 mm holes, so you’d have to dremel, which could lead to taking too much off and ruining it all, also doesn’t even look like it has enough clearance for a real stick.


Truthfully, I buy those sticks for 1 reason: their PCB is perfect for an Xbox stick, no resistors needed! I think those sticks aren’t worth modding…they feel pretty weak.


yeah, the sticks are crap, but it’s what you expect from something that costs so little.

i just wanted to know if i could at least swap out the buttons because they’re flat and not sensitive enough. the stick isn’t terrible, but very fragile. oh well.

thanks guys. if anyone has attempted to mod this stick, stories please. :tup:


Replacing the stick and/or buttons in that case would be rediculously hard. The only reason to bother with that stick at all is to use the PCB. Those that have used that PCB, myself included, had to wire two wires for each button. Some people have had luck using it in a common ground setup, but most end up having problems and use the two-wires per switch method.


eesh, okay, i’m going to forget about trying to do anything to it then.

thanks, again.


i have 2 of these and am modding them right now. Yeah the sticks are crap and cant really be switched, but the PCB is a dream for a n00b like me.

All the buttons triangle, square etc. are labelled on the pcb in a row so no need to look at pics and i removed the buttons yesterday and they will take and sanwa 24mm’s perfectly!

I just spent a lot of time with a picture of the OBSF-24’s dimensions, a tape measure and one of the removed buttons and the only difference i can see if that the sanwas have a slightly bigger inner button and slightly smaller outer rim, which is obviously a good thing with already being 6mm smaller than the preferred sized buttons.

Being snap ins is a bonus too.

I have 6 Sanwa OBSF-24’s on the way (plus 2 plugs for the 7th and 8th holes, no need for those, i only play street fighter really)

If your friends still have these and wanna upgrade for no more than 20, its the easiest mod ive heard of. No drilling, screwing, making your own box or tearing out a pcb. Just snap in new sanwa’s and solder!

Yeah, its 2 wires per button and not the best mod, but if you have one if these you could do a lot worse for your first time since its all self explanatory. Im gonna tackle a full custom after this.

I know this thread is over a year old but thought someone may be interested. If anyone wants pics let me know.


whenever you’re done, pictures of both the outside and the inside would be great. i still have a couple of these lying around.

thanks. :china:


No probs, the sanwa’s should be here in a few days so i’ll post some pics as soon as i’m done.

They really are a good stick for the money, you can get one off ebay for 10 or less. They have lasted me well over a year before the buttons started messing up and they have prob taken 10-20 hours a week of street fighter between me and my friends in that time.

So yeah, if you still have a couple, they would be great to have as sticks when people come round and you don’t want their grubby hands all over your new custom stick! :rofl:


Hi mate, I have the same stick and I wanted to mod it too, and I’m too noob.

What are your final experiences regarding this product?

Is it worth modding? and… did you find any solution to replace / improve the crappy stick itself?

Please, send me a PM.


Let’s up the thread a bit… Please, anyone telling about the chances of modding the stick itself?


Nobody replying? :frowning:

Please, I’m about to receive the Sanwa 24mm buttons.

Thank you.


Please, can anyone reply? I’ve received the buttons and began the modding but when I solder the wires, sometimes, two buttons appear as pressed, specially the triggers and Black and White.

What’s up regarding connections and sanwa buttons.

I’d appreciate any help. :frowning:


Maybe no one is responding because this thread has been dead for a YEAR


Are you using two wires for each button? I believe previous posts indicated that some have had success daisy chaining the grounds together whereas others have had success only by using two wires for each button.


This guy posted 3 times in a row. Jesus.


This is the result of always telling people to use the search function.



1st: I used advanced search and only 3 threads on the issue and none as specific as this.

So, your post isn’t too valuable, so as to say.

2nd: 3 posts in a row since it is allowed. Other forums put a 5 day limit between self-posts.

Just to say “Jez” isn’t a worthy contribution.

3rd: Daisy Chain? Original buttons have ground + signal independent wires so, why to use dasisy pattern?.

In fact, there must be something wrong… I went removing original buttons one by one, dremelling the hole to make it a 24mm and then soldering the wires to the new one. It worked with individual grounds, but then, I had problems closing the case, due to the height of the button, even with the contacts bent aside, so I had to use a rubber pad between the button and the shell, so when I resoldered, I had double contact problems. So, what’s wrong about it? :open_mouth:


Nobody answered, but thanks to a fellow technician I found the problem of double button input is solved:

The original buttons had rubber pads inside (not microswitches) unlike Sanwa, so, he put 22k resistors and it worked fine.

The solution to the problem I had is here. You can try it by yourselves.