Modding a Honcam PS2/PS2 Arcade Stick

I just located 2x Honcam sticks for the price of one on eBay – but before I even consider getting them (too tempted)…is there a list of possible buttons and joysticks I can use (Sanwa/Seimitsu)?

I saw threads explaining how to do the mods but not necessarily the equipment I can use for it.

Any help would be amazing and most appreciated!


I am not too familiar with Homcam sticks.
A JLF or LS-32 will fit with some modification
And 24 or 30mm buttons should work.
If you are using the original PCB, new PCB
screw terminal (european style)

Tools you need would include screw drivers, a drill, a file, a good utility or hobby knife, a soldering iron and some solder