Modding a Hori Wii Fighting Stick for two PCBs?

Hi guys,

I’ve been searching high and low for this particular situation using our forever helpful search button didn’t really help me find anything to pertain to this particular situation with this stick, and I was hoping someone might be able to help before I start just giving things a throw out of nowhere.

So I have a Wii fighting stick! What I was planning to do was to just use the Madcatz wired 360 controller PCB in order to be able to use the controller for my 360 (for SF4) as I’m probably not going to find a TE stick anytime soon.

But then I was wondering, would there be a way for me to use both the Hori PCB already in there as well as the 360 PCB so I could use the stick for both my Wii and 360 games.

I’m not really sure if I can do that though? I guess that’s what I’m asking, and perhaps how I would do it? Not 100% sure, though I have my own guesses, I’m rather ask then throw my money down the drain by guessing.

Thanks for any information you can provide, I appreciate it! And if this has already been discussed elsewhere I apologize.

Thanks :3

The Wii FS PCB is NOT Common ground, so having multi-pcb setup is out of question. You could put in a MC Cthulu board + 360 PCB if you want multi-console. It will be a tight fit though.

AH I see I see, I didn’t know much about the FS PCB so I had no idea haha. MC Cthulu board huh? Actually forgot about that, I’m not too much of an expert (obviously). I’m trying to really find the most cost effective way to play SF4. I’ve been looking around for 360 sticks but to no progress as I can’t seem to find any kind of stick available. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free.

Thanks for the quick info though, much appreciated, at least I got my main question out of the way quickly.

That’s strange. This thread seemed to indicate that the Wii Fighting Stick -was- common ground. O.o Which one of you two is right?

Not all Hori PCBs are create equal. Fighting Stick 3 for PS3 is Common Ground but Fighting Stick EX and Wii are NOT. The other info on the other thread is a bit misleading.

im actually attempting to put a cthulhu and a madcatz 360 pcb into a wii stick…the insides are pretty small i don’t think it would be easy to fit another pcb in there with the larger hori pcb

this is what it looks like with just a 360 pcb (official ms)

plenty of room for a cthulhu

Is that a JLF in there? If so, does the shaft scratch the bottom at all? I remember hearing you really needed to heavily modify the plastic around the stick mounting area.

Also, lol @ reviving my old ass topic, I had pretty much given up on my stupid Wii sticks

the jlf was meant for this stick… with some modification to the jlf itself, not the case.

the shaft does scrape the bottom but all thats needed is a small hole

I found a place selling a new hori wii fighting stick for about $40 shipped. I was planning on converting it for xbox360 only, but I’m seriously considering shoving a cthulu board in there now

less talk, more work