Modding a Mad catzbTE round 2


I am having trouble in finding an online store that sell parts so I can buy stuff to mod my te. It is a ps3 te round 2 and I want to dual mod it to play on 360 and I would like to change the ball top, buttons and art work. Can someone please help me on locating aside that sells parts. I searched all over and I saw a site called lizard lick or something and it has been shut down .

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You can buy the ball top, buttons, and plexiglass all at The plexiglass is used to change artwork. If you made your own artwork on photoshop or something, you can have it printed, cut, and shipped to you from If you want to dual mod the stick yourself, you can preorder a ps360+ board, find a paewang board, or wire up an xbox 360 controller pcb with your ps3 pcb that’s already inside your stick (there are threads that can help you with how to do this, just use the search bar). Or if you can’t do it yourself, get it dual modded by your local modder. Look in the modder’s thread to search for someone nearest you to dual mod your stick. Hope that helps.


Where to get this ps360 board?

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You’ll have to wait until akishop makes more. They are currently sold out. Here is a link to their website.


I’m in line for one of these. No cuts.