Modding a MadCatz Fightstick Pro

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking to upgrade my MadCatz Fightstick Pro - I’ve never modded before and I was given some advice to get the Gummod Home Panel Replacement to install the PCB.

However, the replacement panel page only specifics that UFB - I’d much rather get the PS3/PS4 one since it’s quite a bit cheaper and I don’t see myself using it on anything but PS4 and PC. Would the PS3/PS4 board still be compatible with the Gummod Panel?

yes it’s compatible BUT if you’re really really new into this fightstick modding thing i’d suggest using the ps4plus from brook or the UFB as they have screw terminals for almost everything you need but touchpad button.

I can’t remember the design/specs of the turbo panel replacement thing but i hope someone can tell you if it’s an easy mod or not (i really hope it is)