Modding a Naki Stick

Anyone here could help me out a little, I got my first stick today, its a naki stick, and it is wireless. I’d like to know the possible ways i could modify it. Also , do anyone know how I could attach a cord to the stick, in order to make it playable while connecting it to the console(ps2) * I thought the stick came with a cord, i ordered it from my local gamestore without knowing it came with no wires, besides the receptor, it was the only stick available…and i searched sooo lonnng arrrgh:sad:. Also ,I’m not far from the Montreal Area, do anyone know a good stick maker who could modify my stick for a low cost ? If so, leave your information, thanks a lot , going to practice a little, later :wink:

Put a Playstation PCB in there and rewire everything. You can put a Sanwa stick and buttons in there pretty easily.

thanks for replying so quickly, but thats a part of the problem, i dont know anything about those sticks :wasted: argh need help ahah

I’m working on rewiring my naki as well (wireless ultimate fighting stick, or whatever they call it). It’s fairly simple.

  1. Buy new buttons (10x, screw-ins or snap-ins will work)
  2. Buy new joystick (haven’t received mine yet, so I can’t mount it, but I hear a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y works perfectly)

If you intend on keeping it a single-system stick, then just drop the new buttons in and solder them into place (or buy some .110 quick disconnects for sanwa/seimitsu buttons, .187 for happ).

You’ll probably need to rewire part of it, as the grounding wire is a stiff, bare wire. Note that the Start and Select buttons are on a second ground, separate from all the other buttons and joystick. (if you keep the wireless PCB - really, it’s not bad. It’d save you the effort of having to find and solder everything to a different PSX PCB).

Then, just reconnect all the wires to the appropriate places (UP/LEFT/DOWN/RIGHT to joystick, button to button, etc.).

Should be a pretty simple mod, way easier than my genesis/saturn/dreamcast/ps1/ps2/pc stick. Good luck!

how is the wireless on the naki stick? i want to make my next stick wireless but im afraid of delayed inputs from it being wireless.

From what I’ve read on older threads here and here it’s a pretty decent PCB. I haven’t noticed any lag on it either, but I only used it for a little while before ripping it apart (and the stick is still in pieces, waiting for the parts to arrive from TheRealNeoGeo).

When I had one I played on it for about 2 hours sitting about 10 feet away from the PS2. I didn’t notice any lag but I did notice that occasionally it missed an input. It worked a lot better than I expected of a $20 stick, but I’d still stick with wired any day.

Thanks for the information! :wgrin:, but where can I find buttons and things of the sort for the stick ?

If you’d check in the HRAP faq, you will find some shops, sellers and such.

If you don’t mind waiting a couple of days, try Akihabara shop. I have worked with TRNG (The guy in charge) and I must say that he has the widest variety.

If you’re in a hurry, lizardlick would be the best place to go.

I ordered the parts for my Naki from Akihibara shop; ordered 7/10, received today (7/25). And as a confirmation of what I said earlier, Seimitsu snap-ins work fine (they rotate in the socket a bit, I’d probably go with screw-ins now, but it won’t affect gameplay) and a JLF-TP-8Y joystick drops right in. Only two screws can be mounted, but it seems to hold the joystick in place pretty well.

End result of modding a Naki:

It’s usable now. :lovin:

cool, it looks really good. Thanks for the information. Man i wish you lived nearby so you could do it for me ahah

does anyone have a guide on modding this naki stick?

i plan on getting one because they’re so cheap, and i’d like to try modding something. :rofl:

may i ask what buttons (and size) and stick you used? and any other items you used? thanks again for the help. :tup:

sorry for the questions. i’m a complete noob at modding stuff. :sweat:

[edit] well, i’m going to assume you used a JLF for the stick, correct?

stick sanwa JLF or seimitsu LS32
buttons sanwa OBSN 30 + yellow seimitsu nut. seimitsu buttons PS14GN fit also

you need only quick disconnect 2,8mm for buttons, 4,8mm for joystick

man i must have got a dud i got one of these a few months ago it lagged like hell 1-2 sec delay and thats if a press registerd switched out the pcb and it worked great wired ill switch out the buttons and stick one day maybe connect the analogs up aswell

will a happ p360 fit/work in it? and also the Happ competition buttons? i have two of these naki sticks lying around collecting dust and i was considering putting in those parts to match my local arcade.

but yeah i dont know if they will work

any ideas?

after doing some more research i guess my question is how can i hook up the 5 volts for the p360 to the PCB?

The Happ parts are too long to fit. I tried to do it a couple years ago, but failed to check the height before installed everything. After it was all soldered I tried to put it back together and the stick was way to long as well as the first row of buttons. Then I took out the rock slab in the bottom, still didn’t fit. I guess I should have measured first:wonder:
I ended up puting the PCB in a modded T5 case with my Happs.

hum well i could always make a replacement bottom for it, thats not what im concerned about, i just dont know how to wire the 5 volts for the p360 to the PCB. i was thinking of maybe just putting in a battery w/ a switch just to power the p360, but i dont know that much about electronics so im still looking around