Modding a Pelican Real Arcade Univeral

I have a universal pelican stick

I’m new to this and I’ve been looking for a simple circuit swap to a 360 controller and need a good tutorial for it. I’m also looking to mod it with sanwa parts

any help is appreciated

I am about to start the same project. I got a pre-made PCB from this guy, I am getting rid of my Universal PCB that’s in it and going with an official X360 wired controller. I will post pics and instructions as I go along…(which could be this weekend?)

The wooden top makes that stick less than ideal for Sanwa parts, but it’s just as simple as removing the old, installing the new, and calling it good.

I replaced all the buttons on my PS2 Real Arcade with Happs and it made a HUGE difference, now I’m just waiting on a IL Eurostick to finish it up.

Is it just me, or does the space between the buttons and joystick look enormous? Also how comfortable is that button layout?

This thing looks big, but it really isn’t. The button layout is good if you play the back/upper six. I am a fan of the buttons themselves, but I don’t know how they are going to react to the X360 PCB…?

The spacing of the stick from the buttons is not as wide as the pic makes it out to be…

cool deal. keep me posted because i still need to research and understand how to solder all this stuff and make sure i don’t fuck anything up.

what kind of parts would you recommend for the wooden top? i notice that the poster said sanwa wouldn’t work too well considering they’re snap on plastic buttons.

thanks for the replies so far.

Read my site. I have a complete tutorial there.

my bad. i cant read tonight. so would a haaps stick and buttons be a good deal?

i prefer a ball top stick but i’m not sure if haaps has those do they?

actually i sent you a message via XBL regarding your website. I honestly can’t remember exactly what i said.

I just read your message. You want to know how to pad hack a madcatz 360 PCB. You can go read here:

and here for trigger hacks

I am going to write a pad hack tutorial for Madcatz 360 on my site, but it will take a while. I am pretty busy lately, but all the information you need are within the 2 threads I linked above. Check them out first and if you have specific questions, post in those 2 threads, I or others will try to answer for you.

i will look into the links, but i may just buy a pre-hacked pcb off the link above as well, it depends on my time and budget. thanks for the help.