Modding a Pelican Real Arcade Universal?

Anyone know how to do it (for ps2)? I’m planning to buy a 8 way competition stick and some buttons.

EDIT: Are these any good? And can they be modded?

Just take out the old stuff and put the new Happ stuff in. Everything will fit just the same since the Pelican stuff is just cheap knock-offs of Happ stuff. If you follow ArcadeStickMonk’s SFAC guide it is pretty much the same thing.

Okay, but what about the pcb though? Im reading a lot of stuff on how the pelican blows out controller ports/quits working, etc…?

I’m not sure if there’s a size difference between Sanwa’s and Happ’s parts, but when I modded mine with Sanwa’s I had to sand out the button holes. I think the holes are 28mm in size, so needed an extra 2mm.

Yea the Uni can cause the rumble feature to stop working (or so I have read). It’s easy to add a pcb in it though. Inside the controller on the back of the wire box are pcb mounts. I just ripped a controller from an after market ps1 pad and wired it up to the buttons, then mounted it there. Check your local game shops, I was picking up old used pads for less than $1.

The Universal can blow out a port if you play on XBox then play on a PS2. It has to do with voltage issues, in short that the XBox has higher voltage than PS2. If you play only on a PS2 you will be fine, but in general you should put a PSX pcb in it.

theres a pretty old thread a couple pages back
look for it

it pretty much says it CAN be modded with happ parts