Modding a PS2 gamepad to make a PS3 arcade stick for SFIV

I recently got a PS3 and SFIV. I’d like to build my own arcade stick by modding an existing controller, but don’t want to drop $50-60 on a Dualshock3. I understand you can use a PS2 controller with a PS3 with one of the many adapters on the market. That would lead me to believe, I can use a PS2 controller as a starting point to build my arcade stick.

Has anyone been successful doing this? If so, then that’s my green light to start buying the parts.

Please let me know:
[]Were you successful modding a PS2 controller for a PS3 arcade stick?
]If so, what PS2 controller did you use? Any recommendations?

I’m pretty sure the answer is “yes” it’s possible to do this, but I just want the reassurance that someone has been successful.

Thanks everyone.

Come hang out over here for help with this. The PS1 Dual Shock is the easiest pad to hack for a PS3 converter. The PS2 controller is apparently considerably harder but doable.

If you get the solder less ps2 controller that would be cool…but yeah easiest ones are ps1 pads…cuz theyre like 5$ i think


Thanks for the quick reply. The screenshots in that thread seem pretty straightforward… much easier than a PS2 or PS3 controller.

I didn’t know you could use a PS1 controller in the PS3 with the same USB adapter. That will save a bit more money in this project.

Well, I’ve started shopping for the parts. I’ll start posting my progress here.