Modding a PS2 SC2 stick

Does anyone remember these?

Considered the budget stick for it’s time, but I’ve found a whole lot more reliable than the Hori Fighting Stick 2 style sticks Hori are selling out there days. I have 2 other HRAPs but I need this to travel with!

Anyway, one of the buttons has lost most of it’s responsiveness and I figured it might be time to swap in some Sanwa’s and possibly throw in a new stick. Has anyone tried to mod one. Sorry if there is a dead obvious guide to this somewhere, but the search function on the forum just returns a blank white page for me.

I’d also love to swap around the button config too, changing buttons for it in 3S drives me nuts.

yes, you can swap the buttons for sanwas, and yes, you can swap the stick for a seimitsu LS32 by topmounting it without the mounting plate and removing a lot of plastic inside. i MIGHT have gotten a fake SC2 though, and those can be slightly taller than your average SC2s, so try to measure it before buying your parts.