Modding a PS2 to disable Sync on Green


I recently got an arcade monitor which I’m able to hook up to my PS1, PS2 and PS3.

The PS1 and PS3 look great on it. However the PS2 using Sync on Green when in RGB mode so I’m getting this green tint

I saw this on another forum but I’m still unclear as to where I’m supposed to wire the ground.
PS2 VGA HACK (kiss Sync on Green goodbye) :wink: - PSX PS2 PS3 Scene Modchip & Jailbreak Community

Rather than thread necomancying a topic on that board I posted this here.

I’ve heard mix results using the LM1881 method of striping the sync. Meanwhile this would seem to be an overall easier solution.

So has anyone tried this and can offer some help to doing this mod correctly?


Just buy an HD Box Pro or XRGB.


I already have an XRGB2+

But I don’t want to use that, I want to disable the sync on green so I can use it on my arcade monitor.