Modding a ps3 T.E stick

Hi i am going to try to do my first dual mod for the ps3. my Question is what all would i need to complete this? I’ve heard stories that its really hard to do for pse T.E’s due to the security chip for 360.

Padhack a 360 pad.

thanks man.

Depending what tools you do and do not have, it may actually be cheaper to purchase aPS360or Joytron PCB than to padhack a 360 pad.

Read up: Dual modding 101

Using a PS360 also means that you don’t have to push a button or switch to go between the PS3 and Xbox 360 modes. For the 360 version a Chimp or Kitty are best since they work nicely with existing Xbox 360 PCBs, but with the PS3 version your best bet is usually to use a new PCB altogether.

Using a PS360 means that you DO have to push a Button to switch.
Hold Turbo to go between PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

D’oh, my bad.