Modding a Qanba Q4. Will these parts work?

I think they are the right parts, I just don’t want to be overlooking something since I’ve never done this before.

8 Main Buttons:

Start Button on the Right Side:

Bat Top:

What you’ve got there looks fine for a simple parts swap. Not to shill for too much but while you’re at it you might want to pick up a replacement plexi for the Q4RAF in case you ever want to customize the art.

Yeah man, I definitely want to replace the art. Thanks!

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I have another question related to Qanba Q4 modding and OP already has been answered.

I would like to know if it is possible to rewire the stick to swap Start and Select? I mean having the start input coming from the select button and vice-versa.

Why wouldn’t it be possible? Just swap the wiring.

The Q4RAF has the select button on the top panel (along with the Home / Turbo / Mode buttons) on the front while the start button is a regular 24mm (?) off to the right. So it’s not a simple plug and swap of quick disconnects. You’d have to redo the wiring through the JST headers.

Yeah, Exand, that’s the problem. Do you know how I should do this? I can send you pictures of the Select, Turbo, Mode, etc. boards if you want to help me