Modding a se would be a waste of $

The Cost to modify se stick would cost around the same to get a TE stick. Lets say you were able to get se stock for retail which is about $60-70 then to upgrade joystick and buttons would be another $50+ with shipping. You might as will get the TE for $150 if available at retail price. Just food for thought.
(puts up flame shield)

Unless you want to use Seimitsu parts rather than Sanwa. I’m doing this and will get the stick that I want cheaper than the TE.

Lol what? 50+60 = 110 110 = 26.67% off of 150

So if you think a > 1/4 off is not a big deal then so be it. Plus some people like smaller sticks. Also, you have a backup stick and buttons if you ever need em.

Whoa whoa - slow down with all the number crunching there, sport… :lol:

$70 + $50 = $120, + $5 shipping … < $150

In the end they are about the same cost, but you do get more flexibility with the SE (e.g., like the guy wanting Seimitsu buttons, or if you wanted different colors). Also, with the SE, don’t forget you get 8 extra sticky buttons and a JLF-knockoff with worn PCB, after you’ve ordered your parts.

I think most people do custom building and modding mainly as a interest, it’s a hobby for them. If they weren’t interested it in then they would be thinking how you’re thinking, and would just wait for the TE. But they have a interest in modding, they want to personalize a joystick for themselves… So that’s why it’s not a waste of money.

Even if they did cost the same, why not? I mean TE’s aren’t exactly being pumped out of the factories right now, so why not mod it and get the same performance for the same price? You miss out on a couple features but the main functionality is still the same.

LOL it’s ok guys. He just trying defend other thread on mod-ing some cheap stick. I have both the SE and TE stick. Both of witch I got for my collection purposes to go along with nubytech sf anniv stick.

Also my SE stick is moded with Sanwas. And I spent under $100 also. Unlike you I took my time and researched. And yes, the SE plays just was well as my TE as well as my HRAP2 and HRAP3.

well why just start form scratch then. when it comes to myself it’s all ways about money.

Well depends were you bought your parts. the majority of us shop at lizard lick. I want me to link your part prices lol.

people will mod anything

wtf is the point of this thread anyways

its not a guide, a question, or even a discussion on something

its like “im going to state an opinion. have a nice day”

Learn to not contradict yourself when presenting an argument. If you’re concerned about money then you would get the SE stick. IIRC it’s the cheapest way to custom build a stick without soldering. Most custom arcade DIY either are more expensive and/or require soldering.

I got my se stick from my bro for $50 and still waiting on my parts :expressionless: . The stick seems sorta fine alone if you just did the whole removing the washer trick. The square gate though is quite annoying when trying to pull off some easy moves.

Yeah, because there were enough TEs to meet demand.

Oh wait.

Quite pointless yes, but still discussable IMO. As far as I know, anything tech related is approved as discussable.

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yea it is the easiest stick to mod without soldering but still costy. I also want to know how how hard is it to change the template on the se. Thats one of the things that worry me about this stick. And are you 100% sure theres no way to add new buttons to a cheap joystick without soldering??

Seriously. Shut up. Stop posting.

You need to solder on any stick unless it comes with quick disconnects or you use quick disconnects when making the connections.

why troll in my topics if you have nothing positive to say?

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Read around the forum. You will find allot of your answers there. There is nothing wrong with having a discussion or seeking help but a generic question like “Will I need to solder to add buttons to a old stick” deserves to be flamed. Have a nice day.