Modding a stick for more use


Ok, a while back I picked up a ps3 hori fs3 since it was cheap and I had a pc / friends with ps3/ plans on picking up a ps3. That never happen by the time sf4 came around and i pick up the game along with a ex2 w/octogate. Now it is just collecting dust and i want it to be used again.

Is there a method to make this ps3 stick into a multisystem stick (360/ps2/ps3)?

Or should I leave it as be, pick up a new 8-way gate for it and just try to padhack a ps2 controller and turn that into a stick ( possibly a 360/ps2 stick)?


Your question is horrifically worded dude


ok let me slow down and explain it more

I have an unused Ps3 Hori fs3

and i want to try to mod it to work for a 360 and/or ps2 so i can have 2 sticks for 360 / 1 for ps2 to play all my fighters on

The main question was what would best method of going by doing this? should i just leave it alone and just try to make a custom stick by doing a padhack or is there something I can do with the stick showed above?


You’d have to put in dual mod an xbox360 pcb and a psx/ps2 pcb and the hori fs3 does not have alot of room in it.