Modding a t5 US

I know this has been beaten to death but can someone show me pics of how to mod a t5 US. I searched up and down the tech forum but i cant find any pics. Also can anyone tell me where i can find a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y or can i use the JLF-TP-8T and take the mounting plate off.

hardly a definitive guide, but here is a rough guide through my t5 mod:

Click HERE

thanks ac. where u get the leads from

This site also has info on the T5 mod. Sadly, all the pics are dead.

Since you guys are talking about the t5, I have a quick question.

Is the ball top supposed to move?
I mean, are you supposed to be able to spin it around, or is it meant to be in place?

If it’s broken, is it easy to replace the joystick?

Is it the ball and shaft at the same time or just the ball. if its either of these its not broke.

I already knew about that one. thats why I asked for pics

It’s just the ball.

But anyway, do you guys think the stock hori stick is bad?
I don’t really have a problem with it. (The ball top sorta makes me lose my grip when it turns slightly, but that’s it.)
I haven’t tried any other sticks, so I wouldn’t know…=(

its not bad but its too loose for me. I havent tried any other sticks either so i cant help you on that.

Your ball top is loose. You’ll need to open up your stick and tighten it with a flat-head screwdriver.

How difficult would it be to mod a T5 stick us for a beginner who has never modded a stick before. scale 1-10

the twisted wire pairs? i’m a grad student, and i recycled some scrap wire from the research lab i work at. but i suspect you could buy something similar for pretty cheap at home depot / radioshack / etc.

i used something similar to this. just remove the outer jacket & you’ll find yourself with 4 uniquely colored twisted wire pairs. not enough for one color per button, but better than every wire being the same color.

I’d say a 5, its not really beginner, but not hard at all. You just have to be able to desolder the pcb and resolder wires to it and slightly modify the the stick to fit into the mounting area.

Oh ok that sounds way easy.:wgrin:

another question. when i look at the t5 i see a ground wire for every joystick direction. on the jlf im using it uses a 5 pin connector. How do i gound this thing.


/\ Hate to bump an old thread but I have the same problem as LW3. Is it possible to use a wiring harness or do I have to use separate grounds?

You can wire all the joystick grounds to the single JLF ground on the wiring harness. I recommend twisting the wires together, or using something to hold the wires together like an aligator clip. If you don’t invariably one of the 5 wires will move around and not get soldered to the others. It is not super clear in the pic below, but here is an example.

My picasa web account has a few other pics that may help.