Modding a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii Stick with a Cthulhu


I’m a real noob when it comes to both fighting games and modding. I’ve only been playing for a few months, but I’ve gotten really into it. Since my computer just can’t run SF4 well enough, I’ve decided to switch to PS3, since I’d rather not pay for Xbox Live.

Anyway, I bought myself a TvC stick a while back during one of the sales, and have been using the Mayflash adapter with both my PC and PS3, but it’s unreliable and I can’t get it to work the way I want it to on my PS3. I want to install a MC Cthulhu PCB instead of the default one, but I have no idea what tools I need, what wires to cut/strip/solder, or any of the first steps. I’ve already switched out my buttons and joystick, so I’m comfortable doing anything that doesn’t require soldering and I’m fairly familiar with the guts of my stick, but when it comes to this I’m completely lost. Help?



While there’s a guide for modding an SE stick with a Cthulhu and a guide for modding buttons/joystick for the TvC, I can’t find anything specifically for the TvC with a Cthulhu. The PCB for my TvC looks different than the one from the SE stick, so I don’t even know where to start.


Unless you want to keep the functionality of the WII PCB follow the dual mod guide. If not then it doesnt matter. you can cut and strip the wires and place them into the Cthulhu terminals.
They’re basically the same model other than the pcb.


There must be at least 1 or 2 threads that mod the TvC w/ Cthulhu out there. I know there is.


here’s mine before the replacement stick and buttons

and here’s the harness layout - denotes wire 1 or red on both harnesses

-0 start
0 select
0 black Y(p1)
0 red X(p2)
0 green L(p3)

-0 yellow zL(p4)
0 brown B(k1)
0 orange A(k2)
0 violet ®(k3)
0 blue zr(k4)
0 Ground

0 ground
1 right
2 left
3 up
4 down


Do the home and turbo buttons still work with that setup?


You have to solder to the VCC and ground, then directly to the home points to get them to work. It’s not that bad. I did it yesterday.


Well turbo’s never going to work with the TvsC stick (the Cthulhu doesn’t support it). I didn’t bother to connect the home button as select / start press has the same effect.

Bart you got the points in a pic? VCC and Ground you can do on the USB. Home I didn’t find.


If you remove the board and flip it over they labled the GND and the VCC 3.5 I forget which one, but they are opposite ends of each other. I used a multimeter for checking all those copper traces in the back and didnt find a point for home. So I just soldered thin wires to the ground and signal for the home button face . Trace on the right is signal, left is ground.


I was looking to do something similar, but 360 functionality… I can get a padhacked PCB for $30, do I then just follow the dual mod,guide? Would it work Wii and 360?


Yes it would work. But you will have two cables coming out.


Yeah, one USB, one the Wii connector thing. Now, 360’s mic port: should I just mount the 360 PCB near the edge to access it, or can I get a piece like the one in TEs?


You can get a 2.5mm extension a M to F cable and make a hole for it. It’s up to you.


You can’t do it my way if you want to retain Wii functionality, You would need to padhack cthulhu/xbox360 together and find a way to split out the connections to wii and Cthulhu as well. You will either need a ChImp or an Imp board too.


So when playing with the Wii, where can I stuff the USB cable, or should I just let it dangle?

Kinda want to try a retractable USB cable, but those are pretty fragile.


Put something like a door handle you can wrap it around.


You can install a Neutrik NAUSB so that it is detachable.


If you go detachable, you can even go the RJ-45 route so the wii and USB cables are both detachable.

power, ground, D+, D-, SDA, SCL, DET = 7.