Modding a TvC stick

I want to give modding a shot but there are no reasonably priced SF4 SE sticks out there. I saw the TvC stick and was wondering if it’s possible to mod it so it can work for the PS3. If so, could anyone point me in the right direction? I would prefer the mod to be solderless to make my experience go as smooth as possible.

You can try putting in either a Cthulhu or PS360 PCB.

Hmm. Would a ChimpSMD board work? I cant find either of those two in stock.

edit: I just want to use for the PS3. No other consoles.

Just buy a mayflash wii to pc adapter. Think they are like $15 and then u can hook up 2 tvc sticks to pc or ps3. Just search on here and you’ll find it.

But adapters are for sissies. Real men mod their shizz! :razz:

I just installed a ps360 on a tvc stick. First type of mod I’ve ever done and it was extremely easy.

Well I can’t argue with that now can I. Don’t get me wrong, I heart modding just as much as the next person. However, most people didn’t buy the TVC stick cause it’s the best stick on the market. They either bought it because it’s the best stock option for a Wii stick or cause you can get them bogo and even use promo code discounts to get the for a little over $20 each. After getting a stick for $20 a little silly to me to put a $35 or $45 dollar part in them. Especially for the people that did the bogo deal or have two. $15 total, or 7.50 a stick to play on a PS3 since the adapter has two ports. Or… $90 total, or $45 a piece for ps360 mod. Idk… that’s just me. If these are gonna be your only sticks, do it big I guess. I just wanted a cheap stick that I could play wii on and that was small and I didn’t give a shit about to carry around and take places.

And if you do heart modding you’re bound to have extra parts laying around to mod them! LS32-01 stick with sanwa buttons. To me it’s ugly as sin cause the black don’t match. I have an extra white bat top, clear blue bubble top, and clear blue seimitsu buttons, all would make this stick look way better… but then I’d start being all ocd and start giving a shit about it and cringing when my back pack slams into a door or falls or something happens to it. Plus I got plans for all those parts. :bgrin:

Out of curiousity, can the 360 TE PCB be simply swapped in?

I have a TvC stick… was thinking of selling it, but I don’t know now…!

Anyhow, to answer questions… Yes, there is space to put in a new PCB or replace the existing Wii PCB.

You might to keep the board for the pushbuttons, though, if you want to use the existing “Home” and “Select” buttons. Pretty sure you can salvage the existing “Start” button, too. You can solder lines from those buttons’ contact areas areas (use STRANDED wire, not solid!) to the new PCB or add-on PCB depending on what you want to do.

The TvC case is just a reused Mad Catz SE case but with nice character art on it (IMHO). If you’re a hardcore anime fan, you probably don’t want to change the faceplate art of the TvC. It has the leader of Gatchman (G-Force) and Tekkaman on it!

With the uprated parts, the TvC stick doesn’t need much replaced - change spring to JLF spring (unless you like the stiffness), swap buttons (or just the microswitches if you like those MadCatz only colours) and that’s it. That new MadCatz microswitch assembly on the stick (which uses OMRON microswitches similar to ones Sanwa uses) is actually pretty handy for when you don’t want to use a wiring harness for your stick since you can take disconnect the switches from the board (it uses QDs).

I’ve been looking at the TvC stick more closely and it’s EASIER to mod than I thought.

Like d3v said, most of the main wiring work has already been done for you!
You can reuse all the wiring for the 30mm pushbuttons – more than enough for a Cthulu, MC Cthulu or whatever PCB you choose to replace or dual mod with the Wii PCB – and you don’t have to remove the board and wiring for the Select and Start buttons, either! All you have do to reuse the wiring for a Cthulu PCB is snip off the QD’s that plug into the lines terminal at the bottom of the case interior and then snip wiring according to the amount you think you need for inserting into the Cthulu terminals.

The Select/Start buttons are contact buttons meaning they physically hit their PCB to complete a circuit and transmit a signal to the main PCB. So, if you don’t want to drill new holes for 24mm buttons just keep the existing Start/Select buttons and their PCB board! At least $5 saved there! The existing wiring leading out from that board can be inserted into the Start/Select button positions on the Cthulu, too.

The Turbo and Home buttons on this joystick base are also contact buttons… What I haven’t been able to figure out is WHERE to solder on their PCB to gain use of either button. There’s no direct line feed from either button and I can’t figure out WHERE to do a proper soldering from or IF I have to cut trace to be able to use either button. Personally, I’m only going to bother to see if I can still use the Home button. If that fails, I’ll just take the old stand-by of inserting a wire between the MC/Cthulu terminals for the Start/Select buttons. That activates home function in PS3 mode when you push both Start/Select together.

I’m thinking the only things you really can’t reuse if you do a main board replacement (like I plan) is the terminal board for the all the button signal lines and the main board itself which is directly under the Turbo/Home/joystick mode buttons in the upper left quadrant of the base. Even that main PCB could be partially reused IF there’s a way to solder new signal lines to allow use of the Home Button.

I took digital pictures of the main Wii PCB on the TvC joystick and I may post them here. I’m also probably going to ask (if I need) and see if anybody on the existing multi-controller PCB thread can figure out how to enable the existing Home button to function with a replacement PCB…

I will investigate tomorrow. I’m actually currently modding one of these with a Paewang Revolution board I took from my Arcade-in-a-Box stick (since PS360’s are also on hiatus). If it can be done on the PS3 versions of the SE and TE, it has to be possible with this TvC SE stick.

I feel like it would make more sense price wise to either mod a SE or just buy a TE. The price of a new pcb is gonna knock your overall cost to right under either of those options and the quality of the buttons and stick are still gonna be sub par.

There are 2 wires connected to the start/select buttons. Which one is the ground or are they both signal wires?

They can be grounds or signals, much like the buttons themselves.

There are issues with the Mayflash Wii to USB adapter on the PS3. No Working Home/Guide button and the ZL and ZR buttons do not work are the most noticeable.

Lot of people do not realize Mayflash is really a crappy brand

I’ve recently purchased a Madcatz WWE Brawl Stick and replaced all the parts with Sanwa parts. I’d like to put in a PS360+ and can’t figure out how to do it. I can’t replace the existing PCB because the Turbo and Guide buttons press down onto it. Any help/advice? This is my first time doing this. Thanks in advance!

figured it out, gracias por nada.

Unless I’m mistaken, I DON’T think you’re going to be able to use the Turbo function for sure… I don’t know that it ever works with dual mods to be honest. Home button SHOULD if it’s wired properly.

There’s a similar mod in this thread => Wiring to the TE Turbo Panel with a PS360+

I think that in the past, I’ve read that you CAN reuse the Home and Turbo buttons but Turbo functionality itself will be lost… You CAN keep the existing PCB under the Home and Turbo that shipped with the joystick but you will have to cut the trace on the PCB board and solder electrical lines from the trace that the buttons active to the PS360+ board. Everybody that’s done mods with PCB boards like that recommends using stranded wire and NOT solid core. Solid core does not attach well to PCB’s and will come off no matter how good the solder point is. The reason you cut the trace on the original PCB board is to keep the electrical current going in an arc between the PS360+ and the buttons you’re going to salvage from the original PCB otherwise you’d be wasting electrical current on functions on the original PCB that won’t work anyway once you have the PS360+ set up.

It’s obvious what you can use Home button for but what the Turbo button would do is up to the end user/modder/stick owner. You can always remove the original PCB and close up the hole the panel occupied with scrap or shaped plastic. There’s plenty of existing wiring inside the Brawl stick to connect all the buttons you need with feet to spare.

The other option is to ignore the original turbo panel buttons and just use the Start and Select buttons pressed together for Home functionality. Unless I’m mistaken, there should be a way to wire up the PS360+ so that you don’t have to drill a new hole to put in a Start button. This is done all the time with other PCB’s like the Cthulu.

People have wired up controllers to preserve the LED functionality of the turbo panel but as far as I know that’s only on the TE models unless the budget SE/Brawl sticks have LED’s, too. People don’t like to lose the lights even if half the buttons on the original panel become useless!

Ask around and look for old threads. Mods like this have been done to death in the past. People have been modding Mad Catz joystick for 4 years now and Hori and other brand names for 12+ or more years before that… Some people have diagrams and photos that show what they did or even take you step-by-step.

I’ve never done a mod like this – most of mine have involved desoldering crappy Hori buttons, installing QD electrical lines, and replacing the joystick lever and buttons with arcade parts. I understand the basic dual mod principle here but haven’t done it myself. I’ve kept the original PCB or installed a Cthulu multi-console replacement PCB in every case. I don’t need X360 compatibility since I neither own that console or participate in tournaments…

The Stickies and FAQ’s should have links to mod instructions/guide. Check those first.