Modding a TvC Wii FIghtstick. Please help me out with step-by-step details

Hello there,

I have not been on this site for a while and I apologize. Can someone help me mod a TvC Wii Fightstick with an xbox 360 PCB board? I want to keep all the stock parts. I hear this super easy to do but I will still need help with what to solder and ground and what not the ground.

Thanks everyone.

what pcb board is it??

and post some pictures…

Are you taking about replacing the board completely (removing the Wii compatibility) or adding the 360 board to the existing compatibility?

If it’s the latter, plenty of reading to do here: Dual modding 101

I’m talking about getting rid of Wii compatability and sticking my own existing 360 controller that has buttons sticking badly… I still want to have the home/xbox button to work so that I can play ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PC

Can anyone help me? I just took apart my 360 controller and am figiring out wiring.

What I am working with.

I don’t have time to dig it up right now, but try searching for madcatz TVC turbo panel pinout to find where to connect to the home button. You could just also add a small momentary switch for home.

How do I keep the home button function on my TvC stick with the 360 PCB?

Just edited in about that.

Thanks man. I will let you know when this is all complete as I am working on it right now.

What are the solder points for RB, LB, RT, and LT?

I am stuck on those right now.


  1. Stop double/triple posting; just edit your last post if no one else has said anything.
  2. The information is all out there; you just have to search a little bit. We’re not opposed to helping people figure things out, but its pretty obvious you haven’t done as much research as you should have.
  3. <-- Your PCB pinout can be found there.

I think I have option for you. Just take out the Wii components and put in the madcatz te pcb for the Xbox 360. Will be plug and play. If you can’t find one lmk.