Modding a TvC Wii

Hello, first time poster here on Shoruyken so go easy on me. Okay I’ll get straight to the point.
I’ve been wanting to use my Wii TvC stick on the 360 for a while now so I’ve searched around theese forums for some answers. I know as far as I need to replace the Pcb of the TvC stick.
What I need to know is how do i solder all this together. Det get me wrong I am pretty experienced in soldering but I would need a (in lack of english) “blueprint”. I’ve got a normal wireless 360 controller and a sl-6555-sbk pad. I would rather use the Sl-6555.

Thanks in advance.

You have two options:

You can remove the Wii TvC PCB from the equation, but the Wii TvC PCB is all contained in the turbo panel. You can completely disconnect the turbo panel, but you won’t be able to use the home button with this. However, you wouldn’t have to worry about the type of pad you use with this option, but you couldn’t use the home button from the turbo panel.

You can Dual mod it with 360. This would require a padhack, too. The wireless 360 PCB is common ground, but I have no idea about the sl-6555-sbk pad, I’ve never heard of it. Usually we like to use the Madcatz model 4716, Brawlpads, or PCBs taken from TEs. If it’s not common ground, then you can’t dual mod it with the Wii PCB or even use the Wii PCB with it for the Home button.

The best kind of guide I have is this: But since you’re experienced with soldering (and presumably electronics), I think if you can read a good bit of it, you’ll be able to figure out how to wire it up on your own.

Other good information is at *The "padhacking" thread* and Dual modding 101

Thank you so much. I’ve got a Madcatz pad comming in from Amazon. Lets hope its the right one. Really appreciate the help.

Try to source a PCB from a 360 TE or SE so that it goes right where the Wii PCB sits.

I just recently finished this mod using a wwe brawlpad i picked up for 20 bucks at a Gamestop. I used an old ide ribbon cable for the wiring to solder onto the pcb. I used pcb header crimp pins on the other end of the ribbon so i can connect solderlessly onto the points on the tvc stick (into the breakout strip and into the jlf connector.

some pics

That wiring makes me want to cry.

hehe, first time ever opening up a stick. please forgive me.