Modding an arcade cabinet

Hey guys, so I’m thinking about buying the arcade cabinet in the picture, but my problem with it is that it only has 4 buttons. I’d love to eventually put a fighting game in it like 3S or MvC2, but obviously I need more buttons. Is it easy to add more? Is it very costly? Thanks ahead of time.<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

Well, actually, now looking at it, it might have more. I sent an email to the guy. Regardless, this information would be greatly appreciated.

That’s a Neo Geo cabinet! If it’s still on the original Neo Geo hardware and everything, you’ll pretty much only want to play Neo Geo games, which only have four buttons max. Most purists wouldn’t even want you to mod that for six buttons. Not to mention, it’s not really designed to play any games with six buttons, it’s only a four-button cabinet, so you’d have to rewire a bunch of things just to play with a regular JAMMA harness.

You’d probably have to post pictures of the underside of the control panel. I mean I’ve built a few control panels before, and added buttons, but it was using parts I purchased. I don’t know if the cab’s PCB only supports the buttons it has, or if you’d have to pick up a new one to support more inputs. If that was the case, it should be easy, just drill holes for the extra buttons, and connect 2 wires from them to the PCB. One wire for the ground and one for the input.

When I got a broken old MK cab, I just redid the entire control panel using parts from

It has a 100-1 cart inside of it.

And I’ll have to get back with the pictures (it’ll be quite some time).<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"><img%20src=""%20border="0"%20alt="Image%20and%20video%20hosting%20by%20TinyPic"></a>

For capcom games it’s pretty easy to get the kick harnesses which will hook the extra buttons to the arcade board.