Modding an arcade stick to WASD hitbox?


Hey, I brought a


a few weeks ago and I was wondering if it was possible to mod this into a hitbox.

AND if it is possible , would it also be possible to make it into the WASD keyboard form so the jump button is on top instead of at the bottom?

something like this would be perfect:


Anything is possible.
You will definitely need a custom/new top-panel; there are other users here who make them (@"B-boy Tekken"‌, for example).
Then it’s only a matter of rewiring the innards appropriately.


you bought a 170 usd fightstick to make a hitbox out of it?
wouldnt it be cheaper to build a complete new one instead?


It be cheaper to buy the official hit Box


Or alternatively, get a more personalized one by getting an all-button-controller casing from Tek-Innovations, and building it from scratch.


This is months after I brought the stick, i decided i want a hitbox instead lol and i don’t like the current hitboxes currently in stores so I want to make my own with the right format


What hitboxes currently in stores?..

Anyhow, I don’t think Art from Tek-Innovations makes Q4 top-panels; your best bet at this point is to reach out to @"B-boy Tekken"‌ for a replacement metal panel.


This is the only “store” that sells hit box.

Far as I know there no Brick and Mortar store that sells theses


yep, that was the only ‘store’ i was talking about. I cant find the WASD format anywhere else. It seems like I can only get a custom one and TEK-INNV doesn’t even do Q4.


I will try to talk to B-boy Tekken about this.


NK Trading in Japan.

It’s as close as one could get to an official Hit Box partner company. Not exactly though, but we did do business together for TGS one year. A bit out of the way for most people however.