Modding an old xbox madcatz pad?

I have an original xbox controller branded by madcatz model #4516. I’d like to use the pcb and possibly add a usb wire for using on my laptop. I can post pictures of the pcb if needed. Would anybody here be able to help me out with the wiring? I haven’t found any information online on the #4516 controller’s board.

Buy an Xbox1 to USB dongle. Install the drivers so you can view it in the control panel. Strip a piece of wires at both ends. Locate the ground and map out the buttons. This basically works for anything that’s common ground and can be connected to a PC.

I do recommend a Multi-meter for this.

If you can post good pictures of the PCB, we can probably tell you the signal side from the Ground side. But the triggers might be weird. But since you not going to dual mod, you don’t need to Invert, if Inversion would be needed.

Multi meter is still useful tool, though.

I took the black plastic off and here’s what the pcb looks like:

This piece is a mystery to me and was found on the back:

Here’s my guess to where I should wire parts to:

Then I’d share a ground wire from one of the opposite sides right?

You do not have to guess. Strip a piece of wire at both end and connect it like this. When you connect a button and a ground the button will activate. You can then connect the ground to the other directions, buttons, etc to identify what you need to solder.

This is ghetto, sure, but anyone can do it.