Modding Analog sticks


G’day, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with using the analog sticks for modding rather than the Dpad on a 360 controller.

If so, how did you go about doing it?

Did you build a ADC for the translation of the analog signal to a digital one?
If so, what type of ADC?


What do you mean exactly? Do you mean connecting an 8-way stick (like a Sanwa JLF or Happ Competition) to the analog points on a controller instead of the d-pad (kind of like the LS option on Madcatz sticks)?

Or do you mean using an actual analog stick instead of the normal 8-way stick?

If it’s the first one then I don’t think it would be hard (but I’ve never done it). The second one I’m not so sure, there would be no use of an ADC though because you would be connecting an analog stick to the analog points on the controller. The d-pad can only handle 8 way I would guess, meaning 000 to 111 in binary and it wouldn’t be able to handle more bits (more directions).

For the first one what is the reason you want to do that? So that it will work in more games? If you plan on using it only in fighting games then it would be easier just to use the d-pad. If you’re really set on having the 8-way stick control the analog portion rather than the digital you do not need an ADC.

The analog stick is merely a variable resistor so (I think) you need to find the appropriate values for Up, Down, Left, Right and use resistors with those values on the connection from your stick to the pad.

Hopefully someone can come and confirm this.


But I thought that since the analog sticks use potentiometers the output from them would be an analog 0-5v signal, rather than binary.

So to convert a stick, which uses a digital signal in it’s switches would require an ADC to send the signal to the analog sticks connectors which I assume then is converted with an onboard DAC in the controller for use by the console.

As for why, I want to make a controller mod to replace one of the sticks with a mouse for FPS, no idea how well it would work, but it seems like a fun project to do.


Aye I don’t know how you would use a mouse in place of a stick.

It might not be as easy as I thought it would be. I imagine there would be a way to do it with only resistors but I’m not sure. Besides I don’t think that would work if you’re using a mouse.


I’m trying to achieve the same goal because I’m trying to make a stick that’ll work with Super Smash Bros Brawl. I think I have the solution to this but I’ll double check it before posting.


While working on a bopit mod (don’t ask) I hooked up an analog stick (from a madcatz controller) to a cthulhu board. All I had to do was connect the direction button signals to first and third pins of the pot (the outside pins) and connect the ground to the second pin (the pin between the other two). Not 100% this will work with the controller you are trying to use, but I’m sure it should.


Use a MadCatz FightPad PCB with the toggle switch for choosing between DPad and Stick.