Modding Art on Madcatz TE2

So I recently just got this stick in the mail, it’s great and all, but I’m looking to replace the art.

I’m really new to the whole fightstick modding thing, and I guess I’m wondering how to go about this. I checked out Tek Innovations, but what confuses me is if I need to order both the art printout and a plexi from the site. From what I can see, the stick already has the plexi part (although I’m guessing it’s plastic), but is the one from Tek more durable or something. Looked up some videos online, swapping the art doesn’t seem that difficult, I just want to make sure what parts and things I might need beforehand and obviously I don’t want to somehow break my shiny new stick in the process.

This is the art I intend to put on it.

Thanks for all and any help. Gotta prepare for SFV.

The following is based on my experience with the Rivals TE2…

You don’t HAVE to get the Plexi that Art offers, but if you look in the TE2 thread, you will find that people prefer it hands down.

The TE2 is designed to accept artwork without having to remove the buttons, so the artwork cover provided with it is cut to go around the button lips. Art Hong opted to offer artwork and a Plexi that is designed to sit UNDER rhe buttons, and his reasoning makes sense as indicated on his page… So keep in mind that if you get your artwork printed from him, it will be cut to the size of the button holes, not the size of the outer button lip. That being the case, you will either have to use the existing cover as a guide for cutting the additional material around the laser cut holes, or remove the buttons from the lid to complete the installation of the artwork.

The cover provided with my TE2 seems like it’s Lexan as opposed to Acrylic (Plexiglass) to me, but I may be wrong, and yours may be different, given that it’s a different model. In either case, the 1/16th Plexi that Art sells will be much more durable, and locked down due to the fact that it will be held down by the buttons. The stock cover is essentially floating, held down only by the bezel edges and the stick’s washer.

Since you have to remove the buttons, you should have a pair of needle nose pliers to firmly grab the quick connects, making sure that you’re squeezing the little tab on the connectors after sliding off the insulation for easy removal.

Also, it seems to me that the Sanwa buttons provided with these sticks have really flimsy tabs compared to buttons I have purchased just a few years ago. I barely touched a tab on one of my yellow buttons from my Rivals stick, and the tab snapped. So if you’re gonna replace the buttons anyway, no worries - if you’re not, be aware that you might break a few tabs taking them out.

Sorry - a little long, but I hope it was informative.

Hejin, where did you get/how did you make that art with the V symbol and the images on it? I’ve seen it before but can’t for the life of me recall where.