Modding/Converters for a PS3/PC Hitbox

Hi guys. A friend offered to sell his PS3/PC only hitbox, barely used. I am impatient and want to use it right away for IGAU. Some of my friends play on Xbox, and some east coast tourneys near me seem to play IGAU on xbox.

I was wondering if anyone knew for fact of any converters that let PS3 hitboxes play well, without delays or problems, on a 360. If not, how about modding? Does that ever cause problems with the Hitbox or delays on 360? Or does it work perfect once modded?

I know hitbox sells a Dual-console one directly but I am impatient and want my hands on a Hitbox quicker than when theres will be in stock.


Mod it, it’s perfect. Swap with a PS360+ or dual-mod with a SOCD cleaner. Dunno where you get the ideas of delays or problems from.

Paranoia, i guess. I’m new to the whole fighter scene in general, wasn’t sure how consistent modding is. Other things when custom modded or toyed with can have certain downsides / side affects. Didnt know if this applied much / at all in the fightstick world. Guess not, good news! Thanks.