Modding dreamcast agetec stick (First Time)

This is my first thread and i don’t want to call my self an idiot or anything else, I tried to search around in this forum and other forums as well without success. The Problem i am facing now with modding the Agetec stick is the wires because i don’t know how to disconnect them from the PCB and reconnect them later to Sanwa buttons and Stick, i used force a little bit of it and failed:sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:


truthfully i can’t remember the original condition of my agetec wires… but i THINK they had quick disconnects.

don’t worry about removing the wires from the PCB itself. focus instead on the button side of the wire. you should be able to separate each wire from the button prongs by either pulling it free or by using a small screwdriver to pry them loose.

Man i can’t thank you enough, well i did that for all the buttons except for the START. The five pin connector that is in the side of the joystick is very very tight but i will try again with much force as needed with hope that i don’t do anything wrong.

How can i connect the wires later? soldering!!!

if you’re just putting new parts in it and keeping the original pcb there should be no need to disconnect the wires on the pcb end. no?

i just did this mod for the first time. I didn’t take the wires off of the PCB. I just cut them off where they connect to the stock stick. It’s just been Macguyver’d into place for now ( in other words i just wrapped every other wire around a pin then used electrical tape ‘sleaves’ for the other 2 ) but I’m gonna throw on some quick connects and be done with it.

As far as buttons, just remove the wires from where they’re connected to the buttons, and remember which color wire goes with which button and just insert new buttons and youre done.

edit: mine definitely didn’t have quick connects stock.

Now the Start button is such a miss. i pulled the wires and the black end of the button goes out with them and i couldn’t put the ground wire again!!!

Disconnect the buttons just like that :slight_smile: i can see clearly now, whoever said that must be stronger than Ryu and Ken all together :frowning:

Looks like i will commit suicide after all, yeah there was a spider inside maybe a sign for a bad luck :frowning:

Any other way to do that a side from incredible strength and stamina?

If only i had a Dreamcast convertor that works perfectly i wouldn’t bother about modding this stick but i guess i have no choice.

Please give me clear answers to my question.


Cutting the wires! such a brilliant idea, so thanks eczangief.

Now i have to buy quick connects for Sanwa buttons and stick and then i am done with it, Right?

But what should i do about the start button?

You cannot easily replace the start button with a Sanwa/etc button - not that I am aware of. For my modified stick - I kept the yellow button unchanged. However you CAN remove it completely from the agetec housing. To do this, I believe you have to engage 2 locking tabs. Simply squeeze the tabs inward & remove the entire button. The wires will not disengage… but you can remove the button/switch. This would be my advice.

Regarding the joystick wires… make sure you reference THIS WEBPAGE. It will help you identify which wire color is associated with which direction… which sometimes get tricky when you cut the wire. You can also use it for the buttons incase you accidentally forget which color is which button.

Thanks for all your help A.C. i studied this web page long ago and did read it more than ten times i guess but still it was unclear for me and i was thinking it’s easy and now it’s not.

there is 2 small pins below the start buttons, my eyes are really hurting me i tried to put the ground wire back but i can’t.

I will continue working with it tomorrow, so my final question is, do i need to buy quick connects in order to install that Buttons and Joystick??? Anything else i should be aware of?

Thank you very much.


quick disconnects’s are convenient… but they are not necessary. if you are comfortable with a soldering gun (or lack a package of .110" QD’s), you can absolutely choose to solder the wires. of course - keep in mind that solder makes future modification a little bit harder… but it’s really no big deal.

good luck

Will it be bad to wait 2 more months for the quick disconnects?

I red all tutorials for modding this stick and none of them mentioned soldering the wires and the need for quick disconnects, i did ask TRNG and he didn’t tell me anything except for modifying the case and the holes.

I will buy the needed tools and guns today and i will see, what i can do with them.

if my two choices were: solder today or use QD’s in 2 months… i would solder without hesitation. however where do you live? 2 months sound like a LONG time for shipping. it should take like 2 weeks tops.

rather than wait, personally speaking i would press forward & solder regardless.

i have no where near as much know-how as AC i don’t think, but that said, i just crimped my wires around the pins of my new Sanwa so i could play while i waited to get the QD’s. Honestly, I haven’t even installed them yet and no problems at all.

The one and only reason for modding this stick is to play SF3 second impact and new generation which is only on the dreamcast and the other shumps on that console as well, i don’t have any experience dealing with wires and i don’t know what those things are and i am 100% sure that something will go wrong with the soldering method and it has to be.

I live in a small town in the desert of the united arab emirates and it’s very hard to find the right soldering & disoldering tools and what is available now is only soldering guns for the children with bad build quality, they are absolutely bad for this kind of work. Unless that i am willing to travel to Dubai in order to search the whole city for this tools which is crazy because i don’t know the city at all.

Working with the case widening the holes is the only thing i can do now and maybe TRNG will have the time to give me clear answers next time ^_^.

Pardon me gentlemen but this is another stupid question, Agetec joystick has a 5-pin connector right, i pulled the wires that is in the side of it and then tried to connect them to the JLF 5-pin but i couldn’t, so no matter what i try i have to solder the wires to the joystick, right?

Sorry for my bad english, and guys thank you very much.

Your JLF should have came with a wire harness. What you need to do is join the wires on the Agetec PCB to the wires on this harness.

You can use many options to do this:

  1. Soldering the two wires together & covering with shrink wrap or electrical tape
  2. Crimp Terminals
  3. Twist Connectors

You should be able to find a solution that you are comfortable with. All of these will provide a good electrical connection for your joystick.

Unfortunately my JLF didn’t come with a wire harness. when i disconnected the wires from the Agetec’s joystick i had to break the pins due to the very tight connection. if i do the same for the pcb it will turn useless.

Aside from having a harness to join the wires, can i still do it after two months if i had the necessary tools like QD’s and the like without soldering or anything like that? and what i should i look for next time?

Thanks A.C

My JLF didn’t come with a harness either. I just took out the old stick, cut the wires right next to where they connect to the stock agetec stick. I was left with the five loose wires still connected to the PCB. Off hand I don’t know which color wire corresponds to what joystick input, but I know that the Sanwa stick pins don’t have the same functions as the stock Agetec, so you’ll have to find a diagram in the Essential Stick Modding Thread or use trial and error.

Here’s what you can do if you can’t use solder or disconnects: Just twist the wires onto the pins. Attach the wires that correspond to pins 1, 3, and 5 by making a tight loop and sliding them all the way onto the pins. They should go back onto the pin as far as they can. This is so they won’t touch the wires on the middle pin and make a bad connection.

The Agetec stick has a lot of extra wire connected to the buttons, so trim off a couple 1.5 or 2 inch lengths. Take these and attach them close to the front end of the 2nd pin and 4th pin with a tight loop. These should be attached so that they don’t touch the adjacent pins and make a bad connection. Next, just twist the remaining two wires from the PCB onto these extra lengths.

To finish, you might have to fit small wedges of electrical tape, or another electric-safe material, in between pins where the wires are touching, or close to touching so nothing goes wrong after you’ve closed up the stick.

Your english is pretty good, how is the competition in U.A.E.?

The agetec stick harness isn’t disconnectable from the stick PCB. It’s not a connector plugged into a header like the sanwa harness, it’s a board-in connector soldered to the PCB.

Correct. Cut here:

I would rather use a proper wiring harness or solder… but regardless of technique -here is the wiring. Remember the joystick can be mounted in several locations, so depending on your particular alignment - the directions/colors should follow this diagram.

Hello eczangief,

This last Post is so deep, i feel the solution is in there and i will read it again and again to understand the concept.

Well, the last and biggest arcade shop in my town closed 5 years ago and before that there was a huge competitions especially in King Of Fighters and EZ2DJ and i still believe we had some of the best players in the world at the time, they have an incredible technique and artistry they come everyday for the arcade shop they don’t pray but they smoke cigarettes and none of them was interested in playing SF3 3rd strike :slight_smile: but there is one person i saw 6 years ago playing SF3 and blocking all the attacks all the way maybe he was the best player in the country and now there is no competitions at all and no one has the interest. But for me SF3 is in my blood so i have to play it forever.

So here the some Pics from yesterday and today, i hope nothing is wrong with my work!

The Stick from the inside;


Many thanks eczangief & A.C for all your help.